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Anyone else waiting to hear from TMCC or WNC for Fall 2011 admissions? I have applied to both schools and am not so patiently waiting for a letter from WNC. WNC letter should come in 2 weeks and TMCC in 2 months!!... Read More

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    IS the TEAS V test the entrance exam for WNC? And the HESI for TMCC? For those of you who took both how did your scores compare? Did you study specifically for both tests? I am planning on applying for next January (2013) and have a 4.0 in pre reqs but took them all about 5 years ago and am struggling with studying for the entrance exams. Thanks for the help!

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    As of Fall 2011, The Teas V was given for entrance into WNC and the HESI was given for TMCC. The Teas V is much more difficult and I would recommend buying a study guide as well as reviewing your science notes and texts from previous classes. The Hesi is easier by comparison. I scored near perfect on the Hesi and got an 89 on the Teas.( I also had a 4.0)
    I found the study guide to be useful in both cases except for the science sections, you will need a bit more for that.
    Good luck!

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