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Anyone else waiting to hear from TMCC or WNC for Fall 2011 admissions? I have applied to both schools and am not so patiently waiting for a letter from WNC. WNC letter should come in 2 weeks and... Read More

  1. by   Saundee2011
    Lauraa- I understand I would have made the same choice, why hold out for something you are unsure of when you know you are in WNC. According to all the posts here it does appear the students are happier at WNC vs. TMCC so I think it will work out wonderfully for you!!
    Linz- dont give up hope! 12 spots really isnt too far down, anything can happen (no shows, people backing out, or even holding on for another school) think positive thoughts
  2. by   Lauraa
    I had similar scores, but having the good neighbor status really helped. I am sad to see a 4.0 get wait listed! Keep faith because some may drop out when they find out how time consuming this is, others may not get the requirements completed by the due date. If you don't get in, u.n.r is a B.s.n and that is a huge factor in getting a job. I will be applying to the Bsn when I graduate.
  3. by   lctd
    thanks for the encouragement, and congratulations to you! i guess everything will work out like it is supposed to.....
  4. by   WanderingSagehen
    Congrats! I am a 2nd year at WNC. Good to have the 4.0 because if you can get A's then you will figure out how to study for Nursing School. It has been way different than what it took to get through A/P. I wonder how students used to survive when they were getting admitted with fewer points.
  5. by   DarkLotus
    IS the TEAS V test the entrance exam for WNC? And the HESI for TMCC? For those of you who took both how did your scores compare? Did you study specifically for both tests? I am planning on applying for next January (2013) and have a 4.0 in pre reqs but took them all about 5 years ago and am struggling with studying for the entrance exams. Thanks for the help!
  6. by   Lauraa
    As of Fall 2011, The Teas V was given for entrance into WNC and the HESI was given for TMCC. The Teas V is much more difficult and I would recommend buying a study guide as well as reviewing your science notes and texts from previous classes. The Hesi is easier by comparison. I scored near perfect on the Hesi and got an 89 on the Teas.( I also had a 4.0)
    I found the study guide to be useful in both cases except for the science sections, you will need a bit more for that.
    Good luck!