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Does anyone have any idea when they will or if they have begun sending out the acceptance letters for the Fall? Its crazy to me that they wait so long to tell you. Makes it hard to plan! ... Read More

  1. by   Saundee2011
    One more quick question...It was suggested to me to tape lectures since I have such a long commute (3hrs each way) so that I can use my driving time to "study". Are we allowed to tape lectures? I know this varies by school and instructor and I was just wondering what you may know about this as it would really be beneficial for me
  2. by   reno1212
    I don't think you are allowed to but I could be wrong. I honestly don't know. I didn't see anyone doing it this semester and honestly I don't know how helpful it would be but it's worth asking! That is a LONG drive!!

    The lectures all come straight from power point so you kind of have it all right there to study. What is probably more beneficial is to tape yourself reading your objectives after you have gotten them all written up. Then replaying those might make more sense.
  3. by   Saundee2011
    Hi Everyone,
    Just got back from orientation and since the cohort section of Angel isnt up I wanted to see if I met any of my fellow posters this week... I would love to start developing a good support/study group and maybe even put out feelers for a partner for projects. If anyone is inerested please message me