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Does anyone have any idea when they will or if they have begun sending out the acceptance letters for the Fall? Its crazy to me that they wait so long to tell you. Makes it hard to plan! :rolleyes:... Read More

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just checked back in and hope you are all doing well I too was wondering about textbooks. Did they change anything on your class? It would definitely be cheaper to order these ahead of time online, maybe just making sure they could be returned. Doesnt seem like they give you much time if orientation is 4/5 days before classes start...almost forces you to buy from the bookstore.

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    Another quick question on the this common to have to come in? I will be commuting and dont have daycare for Fridays since that is not on the schedule and was told that we dont have classes that day, plus I am supposed to work to make a little money on those days? Just wondering how often I am going to have to have backup plans for those Fridays Thanks I know you are busy so I really appreciate your many questions!
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    Hi Saundee2011,

    I called the nursing department and was told that in previous years sometimes the books were given to students as gift. They advised not to buy the books because there might be money to buy them for us. They did not know for sure though... I would like to know if in Fall students received their books for free? Thank you!
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    Hey Bio,
    Any news about spring yet?
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    I wanted to answer a couple of questions. Im sorry it has taken so long to respond but I don't have time to get on here much anymore! HAHA First semester is almost over and despite the horror stories, I have enjoyed it!

    As far as books go...DO NOT BUY them until after your orientation. There were a lot of mistakes made and new books came out and the lists are NOT accurate. You will NOT be able to get refunds and most of the books come in a bundle anyways and even that had mistakes in it and once you open it there is no refund given. Books cost about $1600 so you don't want to get anything you don't have to. The main book we used this semester had alot of typos and stuff in it and instructors don't love it so I wouldn't be surprised if something changes. There are so many changes happening in the program in general that I just wouldn't take that chance and it won't matter if you get the books anyways because you don't start on page 1 and read so you won't be able to read ahead until they give you assignments at orientation. I think our first assignment may have been on page 2038 or something so don't bother with that.

    As far as Fridays go, you will have some for sure. There was one orientation at renown that was all day on a friday and then we had one clinical day. There may be 3-4 fridays throughout the semester but that too can change. They have to schedule orientations and things when we are not in class and around facility schedules so they can't predict that very well. You just have to be flexible.

    I know it is so hard to be patient until your orientation but you get so much information once you start that it is overload! Some things I liked knowing up front were about scrubs. On your lab day you don't have to wear scrub uniforms and can choose scrubs of your choice and white shoes (solid white). They are trying to limit the wear and tear we put on the uniforms. The uniform supplier may be changing so don't rush into that purchase until orientation either. You won't need those uniforms for the first 6 or so weeks of school when you start clinicals.

    School is fun and don't stress too much about what you hear. Tests are hard and the grading scale is different but you will adjust fast and realize passing is all that matters. We are having fun in our class and I think everyone is doing pretty well even if we don't all get to keep our 4.0s LOL

    If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask me and I can also get Lauraa to respond to!

    PS: you need a stethoscope with a bell. I had 3 and none had a bell! So if you pre-purchase that make sure it has a bell!
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    Oh one more thing....I had also heard something about someone paying for textbooks but that never turned out to be true. And yes it is almost impossible to buy your books anywhere other than the bookstore. There are a few that aren't in the bundle that you can get somewhere else but you have to be careful and not do what I did. I bought one somewhere else for cheaper and then it was included in the bundle but you can't take it out of the bundle so then I had two....ended up having to return the one I bought elsewhere. Either way, I do think the bundled books will be cheaper than if you did buy each seperately somewhere else. Just remember, you will buy books ONE time for nursing school and then you are done buying them with exception of a few you may want as extras.

    Hope this was helpful for you! I remember wishing someone would have posted more for me to go off of when I was waiting!! HAHA
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    Thanks for all the info Reno! It is hard just waiting for classes to start. Glad to hear you are enjoying it! Maybe I will see you around campus soon!
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    One more quick question...It was suggested to me to tape lectures since I have such a long commute (3hrs each way) so that I can use my driving time to "study". Are we allowed to tape lectures? I know this varies by school and instructor and I was just wondering what you may know about this as it would really be beneficial for me
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    I don't think you are allowed to but I could be wrong. I honestly don't know. I didn't see anyone doing it this semester and honestly I don't know how helpful it would be but it's worth asking! That is a LONG drive!!

    The lectures all come straight from power point so you kind of have it all right there to study. What is probably more beneficial is to tape yourself reading your objectives after you have gotten them all written up. Then replaying those might make more sense.
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    Hi Everyone,
    Just got back from orientation and since the cohort section of Angel isnt up I wanted to see if I met any of my fellow posters this week... I would love to start developing a good support/study group and maybe even put out feelers for a partner for projects. If anyone is inerested please message me

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