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TEAS Exam At CSN Question..

  1. 0 I was wondering for those of you who have passed the TEAS exam.. How many times did you take the test and is there any book or anything you can suggest to study for the science part of it. I have taken it twice and pass the other sections but the science I can not seem to pass. I got the ATI Study Manuel from CSN and that did not seem to help with the science portion.. Please let me know asap thanks!
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    Ask around, maybe someone still has their NLN exam review book. Maybe you can even get the book for free. That's what I used, it worked too. It's worth a try. Took TEAS at CSN one time and passed.
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    I studied with an NLN pre nursing test book that helped me pass the first time. I bought it at amazon.com Overall i got 83% and i'm not such a good test taker. I scored low on the science part though. I think if you review BIOL 189 notes that you might still have that it might help a bit
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    thank you for your responses.. i went to borders today and bought McGraw Hills Nursing Entrance Exams book.. can both of you tell me the exact name of the book you studied from.. just in case i should exchange this book for the one you guys used. thank you so much!
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    the TEAS exam is much easier than the NLN exam, in my opinion.. i didn't buy any study guides. however, i studied biol 189.. there was a lot of questions about 189.. & i was also taking 224 at the time, so it was still somewhat fresh in my mind. however, i highly recomment brushing up on your biol 189.. i think that will help you on the science portion. good luck!