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I have an interview at Spring Valley tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had interviewed there or anywhere recently....... How was the interview - what type of questions did they ask you - the... Read More

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    Oh man...I am never gonna find work! Since July??? Why are these hospitals even interviewing us if there is no new grad positions available? No, I have not tried Kindred yet. I will this week. I have been looking for 2 weeks now (I passed the NCLEX 1st week of Sept) and I feel so thankful that 2 of my Valley applications say forwarded to HR. All the other 30 say "no longer being considered".

    Do alot of people in your class have jobs already??? A couple more weeks of this job hunting and I am going to apply at Target for something temporary!
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    Oh...I forgot to ask...which hospitals did you have interviews at so far? Which ones promised a job to you?
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    summerlin and kindred.. but im not giving up! lets just keep trying!
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    I know..We have to keep on trying! Good luck this week and tell me everything about the interview...Hopefully I will get mine in a few weeks!
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    i believe some have jobs already.. some relocated to another state.. im nto considering relocation yet.=c Me too I was so surprised I got a call for an interview at Spring Valley, I wasnt expecting any response anymore from them but I'm just glad for the opportunities.
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    Did you ever get the "Forwarded to HM" response on your apllication status with any of the Valley hospitals and NOT get an interview. My friend says she had a "Pending" for 2 days that ended up turning into a "no longer being considered".

    I can't relocate either. It is not an option for me...
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    ris any word from spring valley?
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    hi ohmeowzerRN! I have an interview with Spring Valley tomorrow for the medsurg unit!!! I'm a bit nervous and excited at the same time! Do you have any tips for me??
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    did you have your interview.. sorry i just saw your post.. hope things went well... what job did you apply for ?
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    Hi! just an update..my interview with Spring Valley went very well! I got the job offer the next day but I turned it down because I already accepted a job offer elsewhere.. the managers at spring valley were awesome! They were all very fun and I did not feel nervous at all because they had their way of guiding you through the interview that made you feel relaxed and comfortable. If would've really wanted to work there If I was offered the job sooner than the other hospital that I applied for. They did not ask me a lot of questions..just the basic tell me about yourself, they also asked me to explain the nursing process, what motivates me, why I applied at Spring Valley, and I also made sure to ask them questions.
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    I have been waiting a couple days to see how the interview went. What hopital are you working at instead? I am still waiting on my interviews at Spring Valley & Valley. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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    thank you! You should call the nurse recruiter at Spring Valley today since I declined the offer yesterday. I'm having a bit of a dilemma about that actually. Its been really bothering me. I hope you can give me some insight.

    I was interviewed at Spring Valley Hospital two days ago as well, it was on Tuesday, the same day I signed the contract at Summerlin. I did not cancel my interview at Spring Valley when I accepted the job offer at Summerlin a day before my interview with Spring Valley because I thought it was too late for me to cancel, and because I wanted to have more options in case the offer at Summerlin does not push through. You see, I was promised a job at Summerlin since July and it has been delayed for a long time so I was having doubts about the offer, so I wanted to have more options. But then this created a problem when I was offered the position at Spring Valley the day after I was interviewed by them. The nurse recruiter told me that she was about to extend the offer to me, but then she saw in their system that I already accepted a job offer at Summerlin Hospital last Monday, the day before my interview with Spring Valley.
    She was disappointed because she said they could have selected another candidate for the interview if they knew that I already had a job offer. I did apologize though and I explained to her why I opted to attend the interview anyway.

    Will this affect my job hunting in the future? Will I have a bad record in their facility now? I'm a bit worried because I really liked the managers at Spring Valley. If they offered me the job sooner I would've taken it. I would really appreciate your insight on this.
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    I hope you'll get a job offer soon as well!! Ill keep my fingers crossed! Im sure you will do great!