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I have an interview at Spring Valley tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had interviewed there or anywhere recently....... How was the interview - what type of questions did they ask you - the typical ones or more clinical... Read More

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    Hi mnnurse. I applied in Spring Valley last week of Aug and the status of my application immediately changed to forwarded to HM. Then I got a call for a panel interview this week, so I waited about 2-3 weeks? Ill let u know how my interview goes! Anyone else had an itnerview in spring valley? any tips?

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    Well Good luck! Is this your first interview? Did you interview at any other hospitals? Is this the interview for a med-surg spot? I think the best thing you can do is try to relax and be yourself!

    Did you call and bother HR at all during the 2-3weeks that your status said "Forward to HM"? If the same happens to me, I should have and interview date in a week! Sorry for all my questions, I just am getting inpatient with this job market. I have been looking for 2 weeks already with no end in sight!

    When did you graduate? How long have you been looking for a job?
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    I graduated May of this year and have been looking for a job since july. No this isn't my first interview. The other interviews I had, I was promised the job but I have to wait since there were no new grad positions at that time! So I've been applying to other facilities while waiting. Have you applied to Kindred hospitals? Yes I did call the nurse recruiter every week and left messages in her voicemail since I never had the chance to speak with her. Thanks for the advice! I just want to start working already=c
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    Oh man...I am never gonna find work! Since July??? Why are these hospitals even interviewing us if there is no new grad positions available? No, I have not tried Kindred yet. I will this week. I have been looking for 2 weeks now (I passed the NCLEX 1st week of Sept) and I feel so thankful that 2 of my Valley applications say forwarded to HR. All the other 30 say "no longer being considered".

    Do alot of people in your class have jobs already??? A couple more weeks of this job hunting and I am going to apply at Target for something temporary!
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    Oh...I forgot to ask...which hospitals did you have interviews at so far? Which ones promised a job to you?
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    summerlin and kindred.. but im not giving up! lets just keep trying!
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    I know..We have to keep on trying! Good luck this week and tell me everything about the interview...Hopefully I will get mine in a few weeks!
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    i believe some have jobs already.. some relocated to another state.. im nto considering relocation yet.=c Me too I was so surprised I got a call for an interview at Spring Valley, I wasnt expecting any response anymore from them but I'm just glad for the opportunities.
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    Did you ever get the "Forwarded to HM" response on your apllication status with any of the Valley hospitals and NOT get an interview. My friend says she had a "Pending" for 2 days that ended up turning into a "no longer being considered".

    I can't relocate either. It is not an option for me...
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    ris any word from spring valley?

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