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Getting ready to start on my RN nursing pre-reqs. I live in Las Vegas. Should I take the pre-reqs at CSN or UNLV? Other than cost, what is the difference between the courses? Any other suggestions for someone who is just... Read More

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    i took every science at NSC...reason being...I didn't have to fight to find a lab time. One class and lab was part of that class, so instead of having to drive to Charleston one day for lab and Henderson for clas the next I just had to stay in class.

    economically in the long run it was cheaper to pay the extra to go to NSC than drive all over the place.

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    Quote from PacificRim
    Another choice could be Nevada State College. CSN has substantially lower tuition than UNLV. I became unemployed in July and wanted to finish my prerequisites as quickly as possible. I was hoping to take AP I, APII and Microbiology at CSN fall semester of 2010. Unfortunately, they did not accept my previous biology courses as prerequisites for these courses and required me to take BIO 189. To speed things along, I'm taking these courses online, from schools outside of southern Nevada.
    I know this is an old thread but I was wondering what school outside of Nevada were you able to take BIO189 and CHEM110 online?
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    I took all of my classes at CSN and was very happy with their quality. The class sizes were small and I got as much individual attention from the instructors as I wanted - they were very available after class/during office hours and by email. I appreciated the price, multiple campuses around town (one must be near work or home), and variety of times that classes were offered. CSN doesn't have human cadavers, so if that is very important to you another school may be a better choice. I don't feel that my education has been compromised by that, however. I'll be starting my second semester of the CSN RN program this fall, and I feel that the prereq's have served their purpose very well in preparing me for actually learning how to be a nurse. Good luck to you!
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    Hi there formidableherbivore,

    I'm just beginning my prereqs this spring. I have an appointment this week to see the health counselor over at CSN. I'm eager to get started, but, just curious if anyone on this thread had difficulty with the financial portion of starting college. Is financial aid challenging to receive for nursing? And, if so, is it easier to get at a community college rather than say UNLV? Sorry for the dumb questions, but, I'm just starting out and really have no idea here.

    Thanks in advance for any insight...
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    Maybeimtooold... I have taken classes at CSN UNLV and NSC. As far as the financial aid part of it. It all depends on your FAFSA. But they are really quick and helpful at both NSC especially and most of the time at UNLV. CSN is definitely a hassle when it comes to financial aid. They are very unorganized probably due to the number of students they have now. For example my husband took a summer class to raise his GPA to get fin aid and for this fall they didn't even consider his summer class and denied him fin aid. And to appeal takes FOREVER! But good luck with your studies. The health advisors at CSN are very friendly though
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    I have taken classes both at UNLV and CSN. I really prefer CSN. The classes are smaller and its a bit more personal. At UNLV I felt like just another number
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