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Getting ready to start on my RN nursing pre-reqs. I live in Las Vegas. Should I take the pre-reqs at CSN or UNLV? Other than cost, what is the difference between the courses? Any other... Read More

  1. by   maybeimtooold
    Hi there formidableherbivore,

    I'm just beginning my prereqs this spring. I have an appointment this week to see the health counselor over at CSN. I'm eager to get started, but, just curious if anyone on this thread had difficulty with the financial portion of starting college. Is financial aid challenging to receive for nursing? And, if so, is it easier to get at a community college rather than say UNLV? Sorry for the dumb questions, but, I'm just starting out and really have no idea here.

    Thanks in advance for any insight...
  2. by   tgibs87
    Maybeimtooold... I have taken classes at CSN UNLV and NSC. As far as the financial aid part of it. It all depends on your FAFSA. But they are really quick and helpful at both NSC especially and most of the time at UNLV. CSN is definitely a hassle when it comes to financial aid. They are very unorganized probably due to the number of students they have now. For example my husband took a summer class to raise his GPA to get fin aid and for this fall they didn't even consider his summer class and denied him fin aid. And to appeal takes FOREVER! But good luck with your studies. The health advisors at CSN are very friendly though
  3. by   normitac86
    I have taken classes both at UNLV and CSN. I really prefer CSN. The classes are smaller and its a bit more personal. At UNLV I felt like just another number
  4. by   bmsrn
    Get your bachelors degree.