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Anyone currently in the BSN 18 Month track program at Roseman (USN)? Ive seen some older posts from a couple of years ago in the forum about the program and they seemed to have positive reviews. ... Read More

  1. by   Emeraldturtle
    Hi guys I applied for next year and have my interview coming up march 19th. I did my pre reqs at unlv, but I think so far I like roseman's program better. If I could get some feedback on the 18month test type/sample questions that would be great! Are the questions as tricky as ive read they will be for the ABNS?also whats the deal with the computer fee? I already have a they really make u buy one just to go to the school? These are really my only concerns, otherwise I cant wait to finally start nursing school! Oh also have u guys heard about how any of the new grads of the 18month are doing with regard to finding work?
  2. by   Maddog245
    School all day: Yes, 8-3 for the most part. When we do get out early it's because we have something to work on (project, paper, or have a lot to study!). Also, you have the opportunity to utilize the skills lab after class to practice your "skills" for the video assessments.

    Group tests: I love my group, so I really don't mind the group test portion of exam days. It gives you the chance to talk things through with others and oddly enough contributes to your learning and points out any weaknesses in your exam preparation.

    Block schedule: Love it! One class to focus on at a time, also one book to purchase at a time. The only drawback is that you don't know if you have time off until test day. If you pass, you'll get time off; If you have to remediate, you don't have much of a break.

    Understanding Material: You don't realize how much you learn in just a few weeks. Luckily, we have clinicals after certain blocks that help you practice what you've learned.
  3. by   Maddog245
    Sometimes the questions are "tricky", but that is because we are not used to thinking like a nurse. As for an example, I can't think of one off the top of my head! Be prepared for select all that apply questions!

    Computer fee: I complained about that too! However, the laptops we got were Dell running i5. It also has a 3 year all-inclusive warranty. For instance, if you run it over or drop it off a building they will replace it as long as you can bring the parts in.

    Last week we had a graduate from last year's BSN class come in and talk to us about getting a job. She emphasized setting yourself apart from the rest of the group, since everyone will graduate with a 4.0. Also, some of my classmates have had siblings at Roseman in previous years and have had little to no problem finding employment.
  4. by   intonursinging
    Maddog, Alyssag, and Emeraldturtle, could you all please share something about the interview process? I've got mine coming up in a week, and any pointers would help. Thanks! (I have no prior nursing experience, btw, this is the first time I am applying for a program).
  5. by   alyssag24
    Hey so the interview process is comprised of 4 different sections. First you do a group campus tour, then the admissions counselor and financial aid lady do a presentation, followed by the 15-minute writing sample, and finally you have your 2 on 1 interview. For mine, it was a professor and current student. This part is very casual, almost like a conversation really. They only asked me 3 or 4 different questions but it was an ongoing discussion. It's important to just be yourself and know why you want to be a nurse and what experiences had led you to this point. Shortly after my interview ( like 2 weeks), I was notified that I was accepted. However, I am declining my spot because I was offered admission to a family nurse practitioner graduate program. Good luck and besides I hear that if you receive an interview, chances are that you will get accepted unless you completely bomb the interview or writing.
  6. by   Emeraldturtle
    Hi guys so I did get in ( found out in April).I'm supper excited to start! If anyone else got in ( & especially if you are from california) let me know. Would be cool to connect before the program actually starts! =)
  7. by   3shaaa
    Hi everyone!

    First off, thanks for sharing all your thoughts/info about the program. I'm about to apply for the October cohort. For those who have just recently started, do you recommend the program at all? It seems like there's a good number of you that moved from Cali. Is it worth the move?
  8. by   Lola28
    Hey Emeraldturtle,

    I just found out today that I will be in the August cohort. Are you living in Vegas already?
  9. by   agbell23
    Hey I'm from California too! But I'm still debating if Roseman is the one for me...I'm a little worried about all the negative reviews I've been hearing, especially with the "video" teaching. Does that apply for the BSN program too? Like how are these videos?
  10. by   Ykieu
    Hi! my interview is in 2 weeks! those of you who have interviewed with Roseman, do you mind sharing what was on the writing sample? and what was asked? I have never been to an interview before and I am very nervous. Thanks!
  11. by   Emeraldturtle
    Ok so I don't remember in particular which was verbal which was written BUT it was questions similar to ones asked when u apply for scholarships.
    Why do you want to be a nurse, what/who was and influential person or event in your life, describe event when you had to be a leader*

    this can help you I think.
    PS PEOPLE DO NOT WORRY ABOUT VIDEO TESTING. IF YOU DO NOT PASS FIRST TIME AROUND THEY WILL WORK WITH YOU ONE ON ONE UNTIL YOUR SKILL IS PERFECT & THEN YOU TAPE.... but they already know you know the skill so you're basically guaranteed to pass it.

    Don't be nervous I have never heard of anyone failing to get in based on interview....