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  1. Hello I am originally from Northern California went to school in Las Vegas at Carrington for my RN. I moved back to California thinking there was more opportunity there for me. I was wrong. Two years later I was able to force my way into shift nursing making low wages without benefits and still no light at the end of the tunnel as to when or how I can get into a hospital. I started looking into Renown and was going to get my endorsement license and apply there. I read in earlier threads that Reno doesn't hire from CA because a lot of nurses end up moving back after a year. These were older threads and just wondering if this is the case still? Any insight would be helpful.
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  3. by   Dual Licensed Nurse
    Hi! Did you ever get any responses to this post? I am in the same boat and I'm looking for advice/suggestions. I am also thinking of relocating to Reno as I have family there. If you have applied and have any insight I would be greatful if you would share it with me.
  4. by   Lrome11
    No not really lol. I was able to connect with a few old teachers in that area but I decided to try Vegas first and use Reno a back up plan. I went to school in Vegas and have more support out there. I applied to a hospital and got a call back the following week for interview. I didn't get the job. But just the interview was huge for me. It was my first. I haven't gotten a call back from a hospital in California in 2 years of applying.
  5. by   Lrome11
    Btw I did get my NV license. I don't think they wld consider my application if I hadn't.
  6. by   puravidaLV
    I went to work for Renown after graduating in Las Vegas and to behonest its a great hospital to learn at. I had to cut my employment there short due to my wife having issues with a pregnancy (she was still in vegas and just about to come up). If circumstances were different I would still be there.