NSC Fall 2010 Accelerated and Regular Programs

  1. Congratulations to all who just got accepted into the accelerated, regular, and part-time programs at Nevada State College!

    See ya at orientation!
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  3. by   Pompano
    How much GPA to get into the nursing program at NSC for regular, acce....,part-time track? How many scores for TEAS ? Could anybody here help me answer these questions please?
  4. by   bebejasmine2002
    Congrats to those who received acceptance letters. I received mine on Saturday. I will be in Nursing part-time...Anyone else get accepted for part time?
  5. by   Getgoing
    @pompano I'm not sure what the avg gpa or score was for this cohort.

    My guess is if you had above 3.5 gpa and scored above 85% on teas you likely got into the accelerated program. I know 5 people I believe fit that criteria and got in. Regular and part-time might be different. Good luck!
  6. by   mmt4
    Congrats to all! I had forgotten there was a part-time track. Is it similar to the CSN PT track where you go evenings and clinical is on the weekend? I am going to go look at their website. The more I think about it, the more I think PT might be a better option for me (I have a BS and wish I could do accel but with 4 kids and a husband who travels a lot I think it would be a super bad idea).
  7. by   puravidaLV
    it went
    50 GPA
    40 TEAS
    10 to the amount of time you've been there

    On top of that if your sitting on the waiting list at #11+ don't feel to bad since they took 10 slots away from the program.