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New Grads at Renown

  1. 0 Hello everyone. It's my first time posting.

    I applied as a new grad at Renown Regional Medical Center- for Telemetry and ICU yesterday. I got a call back from HR today and the person told me that Tele and ICU do not hire new grads.

    Not sure about Tele, but since all the threads that says Renown ICU hires new grads but are from at least 2010, can anyone tell me if they stopped hiring new grads this year?

    Or do you think he is mad at me for going over his head because yesterday I handed my resume directly to the nurse manager on Tele before going through him?

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    Hey there - I work at Renown on Tele and just started in June. I am pretty dang sure they are still hiring for Tele and/or ICU unless they are not hiring at this exact moment... They have new grads start almost every month! And trust me, they are definitely still in need or RNs on ALL units! haha
    I would keep trying. Who was it in HR that you talked to?
    Don't be afraid to go straight to the nurse managers and hand in your resume. It makes a world of difference to show up in person with a smile and your resume.. That way they have a better idea of who is applying! I highly doubt they would be "mad" at you for that.
    Good luck!
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    PS... I applied at the New Grad mass interview in Feb and was denied a position... A month later, they called me with an offer. Don't get discouraged
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    Thank you very much for replying and for your kind words!!

    I called him back that same day left a message asking him "Are you sure you aren't hiring new grads because I heard from various people who work at those specific Renown floors that you are..."

    And then he called me back immediately and said, "You must have misheard me because what I said was that we hire new grads from 3 months ago not 10 months ago such as yourself."

    Or something to that affect.

    Quite unprofessional... and I didn't mishear him. He said exactly that they don't hire new grads with that first phone call.

    No worries though because I got hired at a different place!!

    Btw I am new to Reno, want to hang out sometime?
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    If the nurse recruiter for ICU/Tele is the same when I worked there, he's better suited to be a cast member on Jersey Shore. If he isn't allowing you to proceed to get considered by a nurse manager, take the initiative to try to talk to them directly. That's what I had to do.

    I was hired into one of their ICUs as a new grad...he's full of it.
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    Renown hires new grads in the ICU and Tele. I see it every 3 months.
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    Do you know if they are currently hiring New Grad's? I was disappointed when I had by ADN, was offered an interview, was told to get my Nevada license, and then after was told sorry only hiring those with their BSN. I was so annoyed with the HR guy.
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    I know this news feed is from awhile ago, but when would you say is optimal timing for applying? I am graduating in May of this year
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    I really don't know nowadays since I haven't worked there since 2011. I am hoping that someone will chime in on the topic.

    Your instructors may know more about that then I do.
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    Does anyone know what the average pay for a new grad is?
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    Should be 30/hr now .