New Grad Jobs in Reno

  1. hello. i was thinking about moving to reno, nv and needed to know what the pay is for new grads with an associates. i also wanted to know if washoe or st. mary's is the better hospital. any help would be great. thank you.
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  3. by   Reno1978
    I'd say both hospitals are pretty comparable and both have their ups and downs. Saint's is smaller and Renown (formerly Washoe) is the big show in town. What specialty are you interested in?

    It seems that Saint's has less new grad positions, so people have found it difficult to get jobs there as a new grad since they have smaller units and only 1-2 positions, maybe, for new grads each May and December. Renown just opened a huge new tower, increasing bed capacity, and they seem to always hire new grads.

    I'll PM you info about pay.
  4. by   michelle.laree
    i am interested in eventually going into a anesthesia program which requires previous icu experience. whatever gets me to my goal the fastest is what i am trying for. i appreciate your help in the matter.
  5. by   Reno1978
    Well, we have 4 ICUs at Renown. We have one that is mostly trauma patients, one that is cardiac patients, and one that is medical/surgical patients, then one for peds. I'd say if you wanted ICU experience to go to Renown if you choose Reno as ICU patients at Saint's aren't very high acuity.

    I'd say if you wanted to go on to an anesthesia program that you would want to get some experience with hemodynamic monitoring and actively titrating vasoactive drips, which you'll be exposed to in any of the ICUs here, but I'd probably say the cardiac ICU has the most hemodynamic monitoring going on. It's rare that we see pulmonary artery catheters in the Med/Surg ICU where I work, but we see a lot of CVP monitoring.

    If you're interested in Reno, feel free to PM or e-mail me through this site. I can forward you my manager's contact info.
  6. by   michelle.laree
    as far as i understand, i can not send pm because i have not posted more than 15 times. i believe i can receive 1 message until i meet the requirement of posts. if it is possible to send me the information along with new grad salary, that would be great. can new grads start in icu at that hospital?
  7. by   chocolateskye
    Renown hospital starts new grad RN's off at 27.21 an hour at least that is what I was told this month by a nurse recruiter there. Oh and I am a graduate of a ADN program.
  8. by   michelle.laree
    I have appied online with applications, resumes and coverletters. I have over 360 hours experience in the ICU from my clinical rotatations and preceptorship. I have a permanant rn license, ACLS, BLS, and almost 2 years of phlebotomy experience. It has been 2 1/2 weeks and I have not heard anything back. I have tried to call several times to ask if they will hire a new graduate into the ICU, but I am unable to reach anyone. According to Renown's website I meet the basic criteria. Does anyone have advice?
  9. by   Reno1978
    Call the critical care nurse recruiter directly. If that doesn't work, call the unit managers directly. There are 3 ICUs: Sierra ICU (mostly trauma), Tahoe ICU (cardiac intensive care), and Roseview ICU (medical/surgical ICU). Tell them you've applied and would like to interview.

    Good luck!