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  1. I just graduated from the NSC Accelerated BSN program in August 2011 and wanted to share some of my thoughts about the experience.

    My classmates were awesome. I made some lifelong friendships. We bonded over the challenging course material and clinical experiences. We studied a lot but also had a lot of fun. I'll miss seeing them all on a regular basis.

    The accelerated track was fast, doable, and challenging. I think it would be very hard if you had to work part-time or a single parent with little ones. The start of every semester brought some anxiety but after the first exam, test-off, or clinical day, you generally got into a rhythm. You just had to be flexible and adapt to each professor's teaching style and personality.

    The faculty is highly knowledgeable and experienced. Quite a few PhDs and DNPs on staff. The small class sizes made for a great learning environment. I definitely had the opportunity to get to know the professors well.

    The facilities were good. We utilized the Clinical Simulation Center on Shadow Lane a lot. On campus, all the classrooms were wired for internet and video. Webcampus was used effectively. The NSC libraries were accessible. Group study rooms at the big university library also came in handy for late night studying.

    Clinical rotations were available all over the valley (which is good). I got to rotate through Summerlin, Sunrise, St. Rose Siena, UMC, Rawson-Neal, Salvation Army, and the ECDC African Refugee Center. Clinical instructors were great and knew the facilities and staff pretty well.

    Now I hear it's even more competitive to get into a NSC BSN Nursing track. That's understandable considering it's probably the lowest cost fully accredited BSN program in Nevada. From my time speaking with a few RNs with AAS degrees, it sounds like some hospitals are pushing them to get BSNs.

    Good luck to all of those who have started nursing school this Fall.

    Keep your head up!

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  3. by   ThinkingAboutBSN
    Hi GetGoing,

    I had some questions about the ABSN program there I was wondering if you could PM me your email address? I haven't had enough posts to PM yet!
  4. by   beagle75
    Thanks for sharing GetGoing. I would love to ask you some more questions about the absn. I'm currently in my 3rd semester at NSC on the part time track. I chose that track because I was employed. I no longer am. I was thinking about switching tracks from part time to the ABSN after this semester since our tracks will meet up. I have no children, it's just me and my husband. I wanted your thoughts on what your experience was with the intensity of Maternity and Peds etc. You mentioned the program was doable, I'm curious about how many hours per week are spent on class and study time. I estimated 85-90 hours, what was your experience? If you could PM you email address for me also, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for sharing.
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    Hello GetGoing,

    Thanks for contacting me, I'm unable to reply since my account is new. I wanted to ask some questions.

    How difficult did you find maternity and peds compared to your first trimester?

    About how many hours a week did you spend studying and in class? I estimated 90 hours does this sound correct?

    I was thinking of switching tracks, and have no little ones and just became unemployed.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. by   Getgoing
    Hi beagle75,

    I'm assuming you've already asked the NSC SON staff about switching. If you haven't, you might ask them if it's even a possibility.

    Let me just tell you up front that what worked for me might not work for you. Some people have to study a lot to get As and others can study less and get As.

    My kids were 7 months old and 4 year years old when I started the accelerated program. I think my wife would have divorced me if I spent 90 hours in class and studying. I would put in a little time reviewing material for an everyday class and then do lots of hours studying for exams and writing papers when they came along.

    It also helped that I became friends with some really smart classmates. We studied together at times, did happy hour, lots of class projects, and pushed each other to get good grades.

    For me, Maternity and Peds wasn't as stressful as first semester skills pass offs. Maternity was maybe a little more challenging because it's specialized and the tests were difficult.

    My grades didn't fluctuate all that much throughout nursing school. I believe that most of my classmates were consistent in their grades as well. My thinking is if you got As and Bs so far, you'll most likely get that grade level throughout.

    If you are able to learn concepts quicker than average, are confident in your study habits and usually get good grades, I think the accelerated track might be a good fit.

    Study Tip: The ATI RN Edition Content Mastery Series Review Modules books are helpful to study with. Sometimes you can find them used on ebay for really cheap. They simplify and prioritize concepts.
  7. by   beagle75

    Thank you so much. Assuming there is room at the end of the semester I'm planning on switching. I did speak to the SON and the concern expressed was the risk of being currently successful to becoming potentially unsuccessful if challenges arose. I'm confident in my skills but I'm glad you gave me your honest perspective. I will also look into the content mastery items recommended. Thank you so much. Also kudos and congradulations to you for completing the program. Best wishes on your NCLEX and job search.

  8. by   jpark31
    Hi GetGoing,

    I am currently going to apply for the ASBN for Fall 2013. I was wondering if you would be willing to share your GPA and TEAS score you had going in? Also any tips?

    Anything would help! THANK YOU! =)
  9. by   umbdude

    if you go on the FAQ section, you will find a link somewhere leading to stats of accepted students. TEAS score seems to have a pretty wide range.

    I'm not applying yet, but researching programs so I can apply in a year or so. Does anyone know whether General Chem I & II would satisfy their chem requirements? I don't know whether "Chem for Health Care" are any different.
  10. by   kisspop
    Hi! I applied for the ABSN for Fall 2013 and was admitted. Last I checked, Chem II does not satisfy the NSC requirement as they say that the Chem course criteria they use is actually Organic Chemistry. For my application, I had Chem I and II, Organic Chemistry AND Biochem and they used the grade from Organic Chemistry to calculate my GPA. I would definitely check with an NSC advisor, though to make sure that this applies to you as well.
  11. by   GOODMED
    A little off topic. Are there any graduates who go(back) to CA and advance their study to MSN in CSU or UC successfully? Love to her some stories.