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    For anyone who's graduated from NSC or is currently a nursing student (accelerated/regular-track): ANY input helps!!!

    I've been hearing a lot of bad things about NSC since late 2006, I also know a couple of people who have graduated last year from the school who still can't pass the NCLEX, I hear that the first time pass rates are in the '60's or 70's and the latest rumor i've heard from different sources is that, NSC is like a rotating door, they're just graduating people...... as far as passing NCLEX -- it's a different story! People r having a hard time even passing the nurse predictor test (big test they're supposed to take B/F graduating)?? ........................ Las Vegas sun doesn't really have any flattering things to say about NSC either....

    Folks, need a little help here, any truth to this? Is University of southern nevada, tuoro university or apollo college any better? These schools also have low nclex passing scores.

    Anyone wanna share their thoughts??? experiences??

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    I was accepted to NSC but decided to go to another school, so I am unable to comment on how their program is. There are a lot of old posts from other users who attend their program and from what I have read, most of the comments are very positive. I go to USN which is a new school. Message me if you want more info or look up my old posts as I have given out a lot of info regarding the program. As for NCLEX pass rates, they are all fairly low for new schools. However, I think it is really up to the individual student whether or not he/she passes NCLEX because the study resources are out there for the taking. Good luck!
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    hey pogi:

    Thanks for replying. I'm sure that rumors r rumors and I think a lot of people spread them so that, many will be discouraged to apply to a particular school..... NSC is fairly new and still adjusting, I had my doubts on the rumors I've been hearing, i'm sure NSC is still fixing their 'kinks' and what not. . . Anyway, yes, I'm aware that new schools have low first time nclex taker results. I'm not sure if I'm applying to NSC anyway, my gpa is not OVER 3.5, I think they've cut down on the # of people they're accepting for future semesters also. However, I still want to look into University of southern nevada just in case. Their nursing program is fairly new, but they've always been known as a pharmacy school for MANY years, but I think they have more of a 'foothold' than any other new schools around here (don't quote me on that). I've sent u email through here, if u didn't get it, let me know. I'm fairly new on this website and I hardly use it. Thanks for replying. ......... NVplates2005.
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    I will soon graduate from NSC and here is my 2 cents.


    Horribly disorganized program Format of classes was often changed and with no notice. This was true for clinicals too. It did get a bit better toward the end but you still had a few teachers who felt it was ok to revise the syllabus 16 million times during the semester.

    Doesnít really prepare you for NCLEX. This testing format is unlike anything youíve ever experienced. It also has nothing to do with what you would actually do in a clinical setting. Itís not strictly a knowledge based test that you can just study facts for either. The NSC program focused on making you into a competent nurse. They focused on skills and practical information in clinical. In lecture the focus was on the facts. Although we were given NCLEX study materials and this was incorporated into our grades, NCLEX questions were not stressed in class as much as they should be. For example we should have gotten rid of a few of our group projects in lieu of working on NCLEX style questions. As for the predictor test, honestly Iíve read a lot of material that suggests that the test really does not accurately predict anything. We use ATI whose material is more difficult than the actual NCLEX. It is really up to each person to study independently. NSC does not prepare for the NCLEX. Thatís your job. NSC prepares you to be a competent nurse.

    Pass Rates Ė The accelerated class has been doing consistently in the 90 +% passing zone for the past couple of years. Itís the regular track that has been all over the board with pass rates. I know they are trying to remedy this was staffing changes and other things.


    With only a rare exception I have only good things to say of most of the instructors in the accelerated track program. There are different teachers for the accelerated and regular programs and I havenít heard too favorable remarks about them but then again Iíve heard similar comments from CSN and UNLV students about their instructors. The accelerated track instructors were mostly respectful and acknowledged that we are mature adults with pre existing education who did not need to be talked down to in order to grasp the material. If anything they took it in stride when we questioned and demanded action to remedy certain curriculum problems.

    Excellent clinical sites Ė Summerlin, Sunrise, Southern Hills, Sienna, Delima, to name a few. Also very good preceptorhsip opportunities that include the ER, ICU, IMC, PICU, etc.

    Cost Ė State school so low tuition as compared to the private schools

    All in all Iíd probably recommend NSC to someone who is a self starter and committed to doing a lot of independent work. And from all the new grads Iíve spoken with from other programs they say basically when it comes to NCLEX you really need to take the initiative and study on your own if you are serious about passing it.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hey Dee,
    How much longer do you have to go? USN uses ATI also and I am not a fan. I heard from past graduates that the NCLEX is nothing like the tests we take. Go figure! It seems like a waste of money to me. I have barely even touched my ATI books but I guess I will crack them open to review. The class who just graduated told me to buy the Saunders review book, They said it was the best reflection of the NCLEX. Okay, well good luck with everything!
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    Quote from pogi
    Hey Dee,
    How much longer do you have to go? USN uses ATI also and I am not a fan. I heard from past graduates that the NCLEX is nothing like the tests we take. Go figure! It seems like a waste of money to me. I have barely even touched my ATI books but I guess I will crack them open to review. The class who just graduated told me to buy the Saunders review book, They said it was the best reflection of the NCLEX. Okay, well good luck with everything!
    Only a couple more weeks to go!!! I am so over school. I've heard the same thing from alot of recent grads who tested. They all say study Saunders for content and Kaplan for test taking strategies so that is what I'm doing too. Most say ATI, Hesi, and medspub are nothing like the actual NCLEX so I'm wondering why in the world we have to use them. I am hoping to test in the middle of september so I'll be able to give a first hand opinion then. I've heard alot of good things about USN from their recent grads. I had an opportunity to go there but I'm really poor so it was a state school for me.

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    Hey thanks for posting DeefrmLV!!! helpful insights, thanks for inside scoop ... have a few questions for u though:

    Just this past spring '08, NSC only accepted 20+ something students for regular term, w/c they should've accepted about 40, is it? the cutoff GPA was 3.5 and above, plus the teas results of course... Anyone who has below 3.5 received rejection letters. I suspect they would be doing the same thing for future semesters... why? well, budget cuts frankly, but they wouldn't admit this. Anyway.....

    You said, NSC does not prepare students for the NCLEX. Well, since NSC has had "provisional accreditation" from the state FOR A WHILE NOW... aren't they in danger of possibly losing that accreditation? I'm sure no one stays provisional that long, there is a time frame... they need to get those scores UP... isn't NSC's best interest to "prepare" their students to do well on NCLEX? at least score 80% and above?? ---- Instead of risking NSC to have to close their nursing program by the state? ... doesn't NSC admin/ faculty KNOW this?

    Oh, yes.. is there a new dean of the school of nursing? just curious... maybe the new dean would see the "light" ---->> instead of making all these ridiculous changes and being a LOT more picky w/ accepting their students... what they really NEED to DO IS, they need to emphasize REVIEWING their students more effectively so NSC can stay in business... after all, don't they have the new liberal arts bldg next to the dawson bldg now?

    You also said that the ATI books/reviewer are harder than the NCLEX... if that's the case, shouldn't the NCLEX be a breeze to NSC students? As far as I know, CSN, UNLV, NSC and other private schools take the same NCLEX, right? or there's different levels to it? I dunno.... thanks again for the inside scoop... goodluck on ur NCLEX. Do u plan to stay in NV or move to a different state?.... just wonderin.
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    Hey pogi:

    My email didn't go through, I don't have upgraded membership -- I didn't know this, since I hardly come to this website. But, so far, it has been interesting. Anyway, it's too late for me to apply for USN for spring of '09, the application deadline was july 31st and I think they were asking for $100 non-refundable w/ application. . . I just skimmed through the USN website. I have heard good things about USN as well, they're just soo expensive, I'll be in debt up to my ears b/f I even graduate!!!

    Did you have to take an entrance exam when u applied? Is it also the TEAS exam or something else? Don't u do the same clinical sites as the rest of the other schools (CSN, NSC, etc.) as well?
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    By the way, Deefromlv..... NSC is provisional and technically, u can only practice in nevada. But, there are OTHER states that'll allow u to practice there, are u interested in that? ..... 'coz I've heard that around vegas, hospitals here r not very friendly to new grads, I'm not sure up northern nevada though, since I don't know anyone from there. Maybe they're friendly to "new nurses"??? ..... A friend of mine graduated last year from NSC and she was able to work in TX. She took the nclex here, passed it, got a NV license and was able to get a license in TX (after filling out all the paperwork & paying the fees, of course).
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    USN is just now requiring the TEAS exam. They grant admission on a point system based on GPA, TEAS score, and interview. USN has clinicals at all of the hospitals (UMC, St.Roses, Valley, Spring Valley, Sunrise, etc.) as well as other sites.

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