LPN program at College of Southern Nevada

  1. 0 I'm currently in HHP 123 & 124 plus HIT 117 this Spring. I've completed my general eds, am a current CNA and scheduled to take TEAS V soon. How difficult is it to get into the program? I was told by the school GPA doesn't matter for LPN. The separating factor is the TEAS V score.

    What is it like in each semester? Is anyone here a recent graduate?
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    i'm in the same boat, anyone at CSN have anything to say about this Nursing Program? I attended the orientation last week and the guy said this program is 2nd in the nation.... hmmm... either way, i need to do an ADN program regardless
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    I believe you may be talking about their ADN program. I was trying to get info on the Practical Nursing (LPN) program.
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    Whoops! Sorry! I actually was looking into the LPN program since it seems like its easier to get into. Where are you working as a CNA? Hospital or LTC?
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    Hospital. Not too bad. Far better than most LTC's.
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    Quote from pacjeffery
    Hospital. Not too bad. Far better than most LTC's.
    Hi there, is it pretty easy to apply and get a job at a hospital in LV? Or did you go through an agency? Here in California, they require a year's experience before you can get into a hospital.
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    FYI as an LPN you will not be working in a hospital in this town

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