Helpful opinion needed ASAP

  1. Helpful opinions needed ASAP!
    I need to register for classes Monday! Have you or anyone you know taken the 3 biology courses (223, 224, 251) over the summer at NSC? If so, how did you/they do grade wise? (A, B, etc) was it extremely hard? Comparable to regular semester classes?
    **big question: Could someone take all 3 & get A's in all 3? (2 in one session & 1 in another session)?? If yes, which is better to take with 251? (223 or 224)?? If not, would you suggest taking just 2 & postponing the 3rd until fall is better?
    I am currently taking 23 credits (7 classes, 3 schools) So I am not unfamiliar with a heavy course load. I am also a big fan of fast paced summer classes. However, these are important science courses & I would Like honest opinions ((Preferably from people with experience of NSC summer biology course)) on if they believe it is acheivable. Thank you so much!!!!
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  3. by   fyrsjel
    You can't take 224 before you take 223. So that answers that question. Just take them all over the summer.. why not? You think you can do it.. so try. NSC is easy anyways.. you can take 8 science / labs there at once and get in A's in them.
  4. by   CaliJessXoxo
    Lol-of course u can't do that-that wasn't my question... I was asking if you think it would be do-able to take for example (session 1) 223 & (2nd session) 224 AND 251?? AND get A's in all 3???
  5. by   fyrsjel
    For some reason I was assuming you would just take 251 first lol.... sorry.. Umm 224 was easier in my opinion .. So I would take 224/251 together.. Although, I would want to get it out of the way and take 223 and 251 together.. Depends on your mood..

    I took Kebede for 224 at NSC and I took 223 at CCSN. Kebede was cake work.. lots of group stuff.
  6. by   Cupcake89121
    I took 224 over the summer at NSC and enjoyed it. I believe the course was 8 weeks or something like that. My instructor was an OBGYN (I don't remember her name) and I liked her a lot. Is it possible to take all of those Biology courses over the summer and get A's? Yes, I'm sure it is. Would I personally recommend it? No, I wouldn't.

    I am about 4 weeks away from completing my first semester in the nursing program at CSN. You need a comfortable understanding of all of the material learned in 189, 223, 224, and 251 to even begin to follow what is being discussed in class. I would be worried that taking all of those classes in such a short period of time would impede your long-term absorption of the material.
  7. by   CaliJessXoxo
    Update-I emailed the instructor & he sent me the syllabi via email. I have decided it it best to postpone 251 & take it in the fall.
  8. by   Cali17
    I took all 223/224 at NSC. I did not take them in the summer. It is a lot of information. IMO 251 was by far the easiest. I took 224 and 251 together and got A's in both. Im sure you'll do great since your juggling such a heavy workload already. Good luck.
  9. by   gabby27
    Has anyone take Math 120 online at NSC or anywhere else online ? What professor do you recommend ? I think initials are fine on the site.