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  1. I graduated in 2005 BSN-RN ... i have taken the nclex four times and still did not pass, i have tried kaplan, ncsbn, feuer, saunders ... what frustrates me the most is that i was a good student, atleast the top5 in our class. the first time i failed really devastated me, not even my professors believed that i failed, they thought i was joking. second try felt the same way ... I got married and have a wonderful supportive husband that always encourage me to try again and never give up ... but still no success ...

    i wanted to enroll in a refresher course class, i feel like i am not good with studying by myself, i am better in a classroom setting ... but CSN said they only accept people who already passed the nclex but did not practice(work) for a long time and wants to renew their license ... i would really love to enroll in that refresher course class i think that will help me a lot because it's been more than 5yrs since i graduated ... i don't want to go back to kaplan because it did not work for me before ...

    any suggestions? i am registered in california because my husband and i are originally from LA, but last year we moved here in vegas because we could not afford california anymore ... but we still plan to move back to cali when i pass my exam ... right now we live with my brother, and my hubby got transfered from hs job so we are still good in terms of financial needs.

    i just want to know if there are other classroom review for nclex here in vegas ... or refresher course i can eroll in ... thank you
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    What about Hurst?