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Future RN thinking of starting as a LPN

  1. 0 Hello I am currently going to CSN to obtain my associates in nursing. I am still working on my prereq's and I am really eager to get started. I have read all over these forums that it is hard for someone to get a job with a bachelors, let alone a associates. My question is could I get hired if I was to obtain my CA (certification of achievement) as a LPN. If I was become an LPN how hard would it be to gain employment? I plan to continue going through school for my associates and after that my bachelors. But if I was to become a LPN where could I work possibly? And also what could I be paid (I would be ok with a little over minimum wage)? But please help with my questions.
    I would also like to add that the program guide for nursing for CSN says "Within 6 months of graduation, at least 80% of all graduates who desire employment will
    be employed in the field of nursing." I just dont see how that could be true with how these forums look.
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    New grad hirin has gotten much better recently. In fact valley hospital is hiring 12 more new grads. I wouldn't do the lpn program. Those jobs are impossible to find, just my 2 cents.
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    Thank you for letting me know what you think, I'm probably going to pass on the LPN program. Would you think that the 80% employment rate of the program is accurate?
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    yeah i do and I think by the time you graduated it willbe even better.
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    dont think that the lpn program is a bad thing, i completed the lpn program at CSN in 10' its a great program and have worked as an LPN for a year.....and yes there are jobs available! im now in the process of applying for the bridge program and i think the years worth of actual hands on experience will help when i enter into the program
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    you may want to find out how long the wait list is for the bridge program. When I was in school it was 2 years and its the only lpn to rn bridge program in the valley.
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    there wasnt a wait list last year for my classmates who completed the lpn and went into the bridge afterwards and i havent heard of a wait list for the bridge

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