Equivalent courses between NSC and CSN for RN to BSN?

  1. ok so here is my question, i know its still another year out but im looking to get into the RN to BSN program at NSC after i complete my ADN at CSN, and from what i can tell regarding the program at NSC i have a good amount of the pre-reqs completed including my chems and my math but im lacking in Psych and Nutrtion, i was thinking of taking nutrition and psych in this summer at CSN to knock those out of the way, however the classes at CSN dont match up!? can anyone shed some light on whats equivalent? the classes i need are

    PSY 201- Development Across the Lifespan
    PSY 210-Statistical Methods
    NUTR 223-Principles of Nutrition

    thanks in advance!
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  3. by   slynwilli
    Hi! There is no equivalent for PSY 201 at CSN, that has to be taken at NSC. PSY210 is a straight transfer from CSN. And NUTR 223 can be fulfilled with BIOL121 at CSN. There is one other class that has to be taken at NSC, NURS 310, and you can take that as a pre-nursing student. PSY 201 and NURS 310 are both offered online as well. Good luck!
  4. by   ny2lvgirl
    What class is NURS 310 (not listed in pre-reqs) at NSC that I can take at CSN?

  5. by   slynwilli
    It's a cultural diversity prereq, that one has to be taken at NSC, along with psych 201, they don't offer those two classes at CSN. Both nurs 310 and psych 201 are offered at NSC as online classes.