CSN RN Spr 2012 applicants When Are You Turning In Your Packets?

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    hello all!

    i was just wondering, for those of you that are applying to csn's spring 2012 full time or part time rn program, when are you planning on turning in your packet?

    i know the deadline isn't until sept 1,2011 but i am excited to get that acceptance letter and i also just want the application off of my hands lol

    thanks for any feedback happy nursing to all!

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    Hi! I am also applying for Spring 2012. How many points do you have? I am turning in my application around July. I hope to get in. Good luck to us.
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    same here!!! maybe i'll turn it over on july!!! i only have 26 pts!!! i applied for the fall,but i ended up as an alternate... unfortunately, didnt get a call after the orientation!
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    hi guys! i am have 31 pts but im kinda worried because i turned my application in monday and im worried about them losing it over the summer...you don't think they would do that do you? i will call to confirm its receipt i guess.

    @emjhay03 how many points do you have?

    @ waiting1183 maybe you should retake the teas to get that extra point or two? or try to retake a class this summer? do you have all the classes done?
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    I have 27 points. I dont know if I will get in because I got in the last time but failed first semester. So, im thinking of trying it again. I hope I could get in.
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    i wanna retake it but am scared what if i failed it/ could i use the other teas result that i passed??
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    yeah i have all the classes done.... i only had biol 223 c+... and i took milne...and i saw the schedule, i dont think they are easy teachers!!!!!!!
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    slinky head, dont worry they wont lose your files!!!!! they are good in that!!! am sure you'll get in!!!
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    They use your highest score for calculating your points...but Im confused...if you took all the classes but have 26 pts then, if you don't mind me asking, how did you do on the teas and your prereq gpa the first time? I am assuming you don't have healthcare credentials or experience....
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    i dont have healthcare experiences... so it is okay if i retake my teas then even if i failed it and use the higher score!!!!my prereq...i have 2 a's and the rest were b and 1 b- and 1 c+.....

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