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CSN RN Program Spring 2012 Schedule

  1. 0 Hello!!!
    I am just curious what schedule everyone got and if they got what they wanted. Below is my schedule, which works perfectly with my work schedule but I am nervous about getting into the right Pharmacology course as only the online or the Wednesday night one would work with my schedule. It would be terrible to have to quit over one class!!! I was all excited when I got my schedule but as soon as I realized that I still had to register for another class that could possible change everything, that excitement went away.

    Also, who is working while going through the program?

    Saturday- Clinical - 645am-1245pm
    Tuesday- Lab- 6pm-850pm
    online lecture
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    I have the same schedule
    I went ahead and put the Pharm and toolbox in my shopping cart. I don't know if it will hold them, but it appears as if some sections are already full. Nobody is able to register until tomorrow so nothing should be full unless the shopping cart holds your spot, right? I'm not working right now, but hopefully I'll be able to. I may wait until the 2nd semester...
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    Is everyone registering at the same time and date or is it staggered? My appointment time is November 9 at 12:30 P.M. So I am not sure what my chances are at getting the class I need/want.
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    No everyone is assigned a time/day (maybe they still rotate by last name), mine is on the 10th. I think your chances of getting what you need are pretty good since you get to register on the first day.
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    Thank you for replying!! I look forward to seeing & meeting you soon :-)
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    You too! I'm so excited and a bit overwhelmed at everything I need to pay for and get done before we start! Good Luck
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    Me too... So much to get done but... we have to make sure we time it all perfectly too!!
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    I got mon lab 2-450pm
    clinical thurs 645-1245pm
    online lecture
    and I got pharm wed 1030-1150pm I think lol
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    Hi My schedule as of now is
    mon-pharmacology 2-430
    tues-clinical 645-1245pm
    thurs-lecture: 2-5pm.

    I may switch to online pharmacology so that I can work. I haven't decided yet. good luck to you all let the countdown begin.
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    I am little nervous about working too but I HOPE HOPE that I can do well and make it happen!!!
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    Hello everyone! How does this RN program work? Is this RN program part-time? Please could you give me some information. would love to work and go to school at the same time
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    Would anyone recommend that I NOT apply for CSN if there is a chance that I may get a "C" in A&P I? All other pre-reque's are done because I already have a BS degree in Mass Communication. I've heard that I probably wont get in!
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    oh dont worry..its all about the points. im in the program now btw