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    oh my...well...a copy of my high school transcript will go into the packet as well then. I'm just glad to finally be turning the thing in! I'll put whatever they want in there. Thanks for the info!!

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    First of all, I want to wish you all the best of luck! I was in your shoes a few months ago and I started the program a month ago. The wait is terribly long (I turned in my packet in July '12 and we didn't get the good news until the end of Oct '12!). The wait was so worth it! I'm so happy right now and I learn new things every day.

    Some advice if you haven't turned in your packet yet:

    -Make a copy of all of the documents that you turn in. I did not do this and I spent 5 months wondering if I forgot to check a box or something.

    -when you do turn in your packet, make sure the nice lady (can't post names :P) in the limited entry office checks over your packet for completeness. Don't just drop it off if possible.

    Once you all get the "good news" I would brush up on your math & dosage calculations. You will have a test in the 3rd week of class and you must score a 90% (10 ?'s) to proceed in the program. If you don't get a 90%, they give you one chance to retake it the following week. If you don't get a 90% on the 2nd try you will be excused from the program. I got an 80% the first time and let me tell you, retaking that test was the most stressful moment of my life! I did pass the second time but I was sooooo nervous! I wish I studied more math! we lost 3 people in my lab & clinical group alone. Im not sure how many people in total were kicked out but I was told that it was more than usual this semester. PM me if you have issues with math and maybe I can help you. There is a toolbox class that will be offered in August before the semester starts. It's a 2 credit class that will help TREMENDOUSLY with dosage calculations. Take the class if you can! They will give you much more info at orientation.

    Another thing, they told you that the point cutoff for Spring '13 was something in the high 20's. I just got word from the LE office that they accepted people with as low as 9 points! What I'm getting at is that you should apply no matter how many points you have! As long as you're done with pre-reqs and TEAS.

    Good luck! And I'm here to help if you have any questions. I may not have much information but when I was in your shoes I really appreciated the help that the people in the program were able to give
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    Hi everyone.. I am also applying for the fall 2013 semester. I only have 26 points though so I am a little nervous about getting accepted :/ but I do hope to meet you guys soon good luck to all of you!
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    Thank you Christina for you input!! It is greatly appreciated!! I am bummed I didn't put my application in for Spring if they accepted scores of 9. I had 9 points but was just finishing up the other 20 points (224,251,Com) when the application was due. I didn't think I would get accepted Now I am just killing time waiting for Fall! I can't wait! Super excited!! Good luck to everyone that is applying!
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    I had heard the point requirement was low for the last session, but I didn't know it was that low!! wow!! Thanks for all the info. Very helpful.
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    I'm thinking that the low turnout (only about 125 applied total for full-time & part-time!) which in turn lowered the minimum points was due to them only accepting TEAS v while in the past they took iv & v. From what I understand, the TEAS v was much harder and less people were passing. I know it was hard as heck for me and I did not pass it the first time around! But the 25 point cutoff that they have told you might have only applied to the people who were admitted during the initial acceptance without alternates. I know for sure that someone in my class who had 24 points was chosen as an alternate at first and then about a month after the initial acceptance, they were accepted. I also have a feeling that we will get different info depending on the day :P. They also extended the application period by about 6 weeks but still considered the original applicants first. All of these factors could have affected the probability of being accepted and the range of points. Who the heck knows what will happen this time around!
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    Good luck all!
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    Yes but I have to take the TEAS first @ CSN of Las Vegas, Im very nervous because last time I took the test I was only off by 10 points. Does anyone recommend better test taking skills? I havent took the test since it was the NLN Exam, and CSN recently changed the RN pre-entrance exam to the TEAS V exam. Anybody recommend any studying brushing up to do since 2010? I havent studied fpr the test simce then any recommendations? Im super scared.....
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    You guys are awesome thanks for all the info! Ok so I went to drop off my packet today and she did say I need a copy of high school transcript so I will return tomorrow with everything lol. From looking at the Fall 2012 thread for CSN it looks like they found out if they had been accepted the first week of May and from what I have read they were saying that was a week late so who knows! Also for the TEAS exam I used the ATI book and increased my overall score by 10% from when I took it the first time without studying... Increased 35% in science! Use the ATI book it's great! Well I love that this group is forming so we can be maniacs together waiting to get accepted!
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    I took the TEAS before I had taken 223 or 224 and managed to get a good enough score to not have to take it again! I was most worried about math (I HATE math), but I actually did the worst on English! It's my first (and only!) language, so I guess I didn't worry as much about it when I should have. As whisman says above, I would 100% recommend the ATI book. Many of the questions were the same or remarkably similar. I had other study books as well, but they were totally different. I just took a few weeks to study the ATI book, take the practice tests, etc. it worked out great for me.

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