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CSN RN Fall 2012 - page 8

Hi Everyone! I am new to the site and will be applying to CSN's RN program in March. I wanted to start a thread and see who will be applying with me and how things are coming along for everyone. :)... Read More

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    Got my call at about 10AM this morning. Congrats to everyone and see you next Friday!
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    Twinkle Toez...Thanks! I am hopeful! So what are the rules on having a baby while in the program? Do you take a semester off and re-join with the class behind you? I'm just wondering if I am due mid-semester (which I'm not at this time) would I just not go that semester?
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    Quote from Bea123
    Thanks! I am hopeful! So what are the rules on having a baby while in the program? Do you take a semester off and re-join with the class behind you? I'm just wondering if I am due mid-semester (which I'm not at this time) would I just not go that semester?
    I'm not sure if there are any rules. It was a personal choice to decline my acceptance. I was not given the option to rejoin. The feeling was if I declined I had to reapply just like everyone else.
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    Got the call at 9am this morning! I am now a full time nursing student. That sounds wonderful, i had 30 points. YAY excited to meet everyone!
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    well i know this is suppose to be a board about the positive things going on, but nothing to worry about with the program its just going to be harder now for everyone else coming in...but it was brought to CSN's attention about cheating and they got mad, so i talked to some people in different stages of the program ( one 2nd semester, one in the bridge program and one graduating this spring) and exams are harder because of these "cheating parties" i dont want anyone going in blind...BUT OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE NOT TELLING PEOPLE THIS, BECAUSE IT LOOKS BAD, BUT THEY HAVE TAKEN ACTION WITH STUDENTS, SO I HEARD...if im wrong for posting this then oh well
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    ooo cheaters ruin it for everyone. the program is already suppose to be intense, and hopefully those students were kicked out.

    positive thought: we're all just starting out, so if our exams are harder then atleast we'll be better because of it? LOL?
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    Thanks for bringing it up christel. I hadn't heard anything about that, but if it's harder from the start then we won't know any different! We're all in this together now!!
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    yes slynwilli and Ahnah, very true...we shouldn't know any different
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    I think posting about rumors is a bad idea. This affects everyone currently in the program and those going into it because it questions our credibility. Imagine if the hospitals or news media got wind of this "rumor" and how they will judge future graduates from this program.
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    I'm in for full time, yay! Look forward to meeting you guys next Friday!
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    Hello Everyone! I am excited that CSN, as a school, has so many nursing students on this site! I also applied for the FALL12 full time program. I got the call today that I am an alternate =( I was a lil bummed because I applied for the Dental Hygiene program last year, and got in but decline because I felt nursing was a better career choice for me. Are there any past alternates that got in? ------ told me, often the alternates get a spot but I want to know, how many alternates are there? Where do I fall on the list? And her answer was that they haven't put the list together yet. I will go pick up the information packet on the 4th. And hope for me info. Congrats to all who got in!
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    FINALLY, I was so busy at work all day today that I never got to post. I got my call around 1:30 this afternoon, accepted for full-time! I'm unsure of the exact amount of points I had...I calculated 29, but was not able to get an answer from the lady who gave my call. Congratulations to all who were accepted and good luck to alternates, there's still hope! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at orientation! See you guys on the 11th!!!
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    Congrats to EVERYONE who got in! I'm so excited!!! 9 days till orientation!

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