CSN RN Fall 2012 - page 23

Hi Everyone! I am new to the site and will be applying to CSN's RN program in March. I wanted to start a thread and see who will be applying with me and how things are coming along for everyone. :)... Read More

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    Yes, we can take credit cards!
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    They will give us a test code to enter when we get set up, like they did with the teas :-)
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    Has anyone tried to log onto angel yet? I have and it shows no courses for me.
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    Angel will be a PITA until day 1, trust me. They say it'll be up early for us, but it rarely is, sorry.
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    I logged into Angel this morning too and found just my summer toolbox class in there. No fall classes for me either. I called the helpdesk but they were really no help at all. I was just told it depends on when the professor releases the classes. It's funny though because I remember them saying it would be available on Monday when we were in orientation. Maybe I heard that incorrectly.
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    Nope! She said it would be available Monday. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one. They had mentioned at the first orientation that Angel very rarely cooperates with opening early for them. Too bad :-( I want that syllabus!
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    I wanted to take a look at the syllabus too. It would be nice to see the assignments for pharmacology as well.
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    Yeah, it's been this way since angel started! They tell us it'll be open 2 weeks prior, we're lucky if it's open a week prior! You have your reading list, so you're good for that. the syllabus is LOOOONNNGGG, like 120 pages or so long O_o
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    It's up!!!
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    Does anyone knows what books are needed for NURS 243 and Nurs 115 for spring 2013? When I look on efollett, it says Bundle and I cannot afford to buy the bundle. Thank you
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    I got the call guys!

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