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Hi Everyone! I am new to the site and will be applying to CSN's RN program in March. I wanted to start a thread and see who will be applying with me and how things are coming along for everyone. :) I have all pre-reqs completed... Read More

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    What did u all think of orientation? I thought it was very informative but dull. There should be a more interactive way to get info out without us sitting for 8hrs! It was hard to stay focus sometimes..I think the group should be grouped into groups of 10s or something and have sessions with each speaker. But a plus is they said about 9ppl didn't show so yay for us alternates!

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    Has anyone been able to register for classes yet?
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    Not yet Kayliana! I tried to register immediately after orientation and couldn't, so I called the office and was told that the block on our registration will likely not be resolved any earlier than Monday. I guess we're just stuck waiting until then!
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    I can't register until Tuesday anyway :-( They've been having problems with mycsn apparently though
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    Anyone attempting pharm online?
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    I didn't have a problem registering for classes, haven't heard about any block, I got all my classes plus a Monday afternoon Pharm. I wonder what happened... your spot will be saved, but hopefully you can get the Pharm you want.
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    What option did everyone pick? I picked #13. Anyone else have the same one?
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    Quote from slynwilli
    Anyone attempting pharm online?

    In the eternal words of Drake "DON'T DO IT, PLEASE DON'T DO IT"!!!

    JUST, NO.
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    Kayliana, I chose option #13 also!

    Deni, are you certain your registration was complete and the courses aren't just in your shopping cart? That's kind of frustrating that there are holds on some of us, but not others. Like almost everyone else I'm sure, I have my eye on a particular pharm course. I really hope it doesn't fill up before I'm allowed to register!
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    Oh yay! I'm wanting a certain pharmocology class too! Hope we can get it!

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