CSN Nevada LPN 2011

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    Anyone applying to CSN's LPN program for 2011 (Fall)?

    I am and wish everyone the best of luck and hope to see some of you there in classes (assuming I get in too, lol)

    Only got 14/19 points though (1 for CNA license, 1 for working, 2 for TEAS and 10 for Eng 101).
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    Yeah, I applied too. ---- said pretty much everyone who applies gets in!
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    I also applied to. I applied for both programs.
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    Yep, me too!
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    Best of luck to you both. I guess the LPN program isn't as popular. Bully for us. I'll take that and run with it.
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    Does anyone know when we find out if we have been selected for the LPN program?
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    I received my acceptance letter for the lpn program today. So as I am the alternate for the rn program I believe this is the way to go.
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    I am assuming since I got into the RN program I won't get any word from the LPN program. Congrats on getting accepted!
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    I know this one is old but can anyone tell me more about the program