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  1. Hello nurses and future nurses!

    I'm hoping one of you can help me out! I'm taking the NCLEX-PN, under the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians, in august, but I'm already thinking about the future.

    Since I've recently relocated from California to Las Vegas, I've been looking online for local LPN/LVN to RN bridge programs. So far, I've looked at the College of Southern Nevada website (http://sites.csn.edu/health/nursing/...eet-spring.pdf), and I have three questions.

    Firstly, it says that I must be currently licensed as a Practical Nurse in Nevada to be a qualified applicant. Would that exclude me since I would be a licensed Vocational Nurse in California? Are out of state LPNs/LVNs restricted?

    Secondly, it says that several general educational requirements can be taken during the program, including microbiology. To those already in the bridge program, is that advisable on top of the normal workload of the program? Would I likely be overwhelmed?

    Thirdly, I also read that the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Comission, Inc. and the Nevada State Board of Nursing. Would that allow or restrict me in any way when I become an RN if I choose to work in California?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!
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  3. by   sabglo
    Each state has different licensing requirements, have you contacted Nevada's board of nursing to see what you must do to meet them? Next, whichever bridge program you chose some of your course work from your LVN program may apply towards some of your pre-reqs for your bridge program which will reduce general ed requirements if they transfer. There is also a process called CLEP (info online about this process) in which you test out of a subject without taking the course. CLEPing also save money and time if you pass. You must first make sure your new program recognizes CLEP credits. I have used the CLEP process and saved myself $900 for one class. Finally, yes it is ideal to only have your RN course work to worry about. These programs are generally very concentrated and demanding. I graduated from an LPN to RN hybrid program (classes online and onsite weekly 12hr clinical) I worked full time as well. Loved the program would highly recommend to any self motivated well organized individual. Remember you can hold dual licensing but you will have to check with that states board of nursing. Also some states in the united states are co-op for RN's in that if you hold a license in one state any other state that belongs to the co-op you may practice in as well. Unfortunately I don't recall which states participate.
  4. by   smallnurse10
    If it states you need to be a licensed nurse in Nevada then you will have to transfer your license to Nevada and pay the fees to become licensed here. You can take the pre-reqs with the program if you can get accepted without it. LPN's go through a different application process, but having all of them complete will probably help your chances. The NLNAC is the best accreditation a nursing program can hope for so you won't have any trouble working in California. Also, CSN will not accept CLEP credits for nursing pre-reqs.
  5. by   funkyooster
    oh creepy...i'm in the same situation as you are in matt!

    1. we have to go through the process of CA LVN ---> NV LPN. there's instruction on the BVNPT (CA) website.
    i'm in a bit of rush though because i want to apply for Spring '10 and the deadlines in most schools seem to be during the month of September. by the time we take the NCLX-PN, get our LVN licenses, and go through the whole process of request CA LVN ---> NV LPN, i have a feeling we won't make it for Spring of next year.

    2. any person would advice you against completing pre-reqs while in the RN program solely because the program in itself is too much to handle. plus i thought anatomy, physiology and microbiology have to be completed prior applying...?

    3. same as #1. NV RN ---> CA RN.
    i don't know about NV, but i do know in CA some schools offer the LVN to RN 30 units option, which RESTRICTS your practice within CA.

    so matt, have you done any pre-reqs in CA schools? i can't figure out how the transfer process is like...and whether NV schools will even accept my classes/credits. could anyone help me with that...?
  6. by   ohmeowzer RN
    you should contact CSN and ask regarding the transfer of credits. i think that would be your best bet. i wish you the best of luck in the future !!