CSN LPN points for last Fall

  1. I know the total points system at CSN. I tried looking on here to see if anyone had posted about their LPN points for acceptance. So far I have not seen a post on this. Does anyone from any cycle know what points were the cutoff for the LPN program at CSN?
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  3. by   moneyline702
    anybody at all know of the points for the LPN program??
  4. by   TWLOHAeveryday
    I am in this program currently and done in May!!! I don't remember exactly how many points I had but I looked at the current points selection criteria and it has changed. The year I got in was the first year they had done the TEAS test and the 17 people in our program were the only ones that had passed the test. So I don't think it was based too much on points LOL
  5. by   moneyline702
    Hey would you mind talking to me (in PM if you'd like) about the program? I don't have too many questions as a lot was explained in my counseling session and limited entry seminar. I'm interested in your experience. The rigor and the instructors.
  6. by   TWLOHAeveryday
    Yeah PM me, I don't know how I am new to the site. I will try and help answer your questions.
  7. by   TWLOHAeveryday
    ok so I guess I am unable to PM because I don't have enough posts but maybe some of your questions I can answer on this thread maybe it will help others in the future! Sorry about the PM thing!
  8. by   moneyline702
    Oh that's ok. I was just trying to gauge where I would stand. I looked at the selection criteria sheet for the LPN program. I have now 16 out of a possible 19 points. One for being a CNA, two for work experience, ten for the ENG 101 grade and three for the TEAS.

    If that's all I get I stand a reasonable chance of getting in (I hope)..
  9. by   TWLOHAeveryday
    Do you still get points for community service? If so I would do that too since if I remember correctly you have until spring to apply. That way you will have as many of the points as possible. I did 100 hours of community service that way I knew I did everything in my power to get into the program. I hope you get in you will have to keep me updated!
  10. by   moneyline702
    my mistake. i received two points for community service NOT work experience.
  11. by   TWLOHAeveryday
    I am sure you will be okay! I know its nerve racking though! Have you looked into Kaplan in case you don't get into the LPN program at CSN? That is another option. Of course it costs quite a bit more!
  12. by   pixelkiss
    I wish I knew how many points they required for acceptance as well. I currently have 12/19. One for being a lab assistant, 10 for English, and 1 for my average teas score. I have been putting in applications for community service but as of now have been unable to find anything with spots open. I'll keep trying since we have till April to apply. Too bad gpa doesn't count towards points...
  13. by   msvegaslpn
    graduated lpn csn program may 2010......was a great program.....instructors (debbie, belinda, and barb) were awesome...they kicked out butts...keeped us motivated and were great mentors....

    the csn lpn program is the only program for lpn i would go to......csn pn program scored the highest on the nclex out of the other lpn schools.....

    there are three lpn schools......csn, kaplan, and the board of nursing shows a third program but i cant for the life of me remember the name of the school....

    now that im a nurse, i have experienced students come through the hospital doors i work at......everyone loves the csn students.....no one like the kaplan students.....
  14. by   msvegaslpn
    ooooo...in regards to the points....this is a direct quote from the instructors at csn.....

    the economy is bad....only 17 students applied this year for the lpn program...we accepted them all...