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I applied today! I applied last semester too, but because of the massive amount of applications, I was denied. Crossing my fingers for FALL!!!! Has anybody else applied?... Read More

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    i reaaly dont think we have to show up for that day..... maybe it is better if we call the limited program...maybe they have completed the a128 accepted students..omg who knows?

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    Does anybody know which hospitals we'll have our clinicals at? Do we choose the hospital or is it random?
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    They are all already chosen. The first semester you go to long term care and rehab. Dunno about the other semesters.
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    Thanks Sunshine! Which part(s) of town would they be at?
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    All parts of town. My LTC was in Summerlin and Sub-Acute was right next to the school. I wouldn't worry too much about where the clinicals are until you receive your assignment. You have no way of knowing until that day and you don't have any control over it.
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    Yeah, what cupcake said, I was supposed to be in the same places! You don't get a choice of where you go. Each site can only have 8 students at a time, so we can't switch to one closer to us if we happen to be in BFE, we just have to deal with it.
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    has anyone heard if CSN grads are getting jobs? Or is LV hiring BSN grads only?
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    almost all the RNs at my ltc job are from CSN
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    i had to call and have them manual take me off as pre-nursing...they said you should be able to register...i said no...so i was on hold for like 15mins and i registered today...i dont know if someone already answered your question

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