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hi! i am a nurse from the phils and an immigrant here in vegas. did you have difficulty in looking for a nursing jobs here?... Read More

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    Hi I am a filipino RN too;,.lives in New York;,. I had my CGFNS certificate wayback 2005 and been petitioned by an agency here in NY as an immigrant by same certificate;,. As far as I remember;,.try to log in to the website of NCSBN.ORG they have the specific instructions on each state council on how to register for the Board of Nursing depending which state you may wish to register ( each council has different requirements). after your CES been approved you can then apply at pearsonvue for your nclex exam through on line and can obtain ATT .Hope this will help;,.

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    Hi Spongebob6286, I am also from phils, and I ammoving to vegas from maryland, I have several years of experience in nursing, I am starting look for hospitals but not too serious coz I have to sell my house here before moving there. So far I don't see any difficulties looking for a job, I only looked online and I have found hundreds of them BUT they need someone with experience, I think it is hard for someone who doens't have one.
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    Quote from Ms21
    Hi I'm planning the same thing. How are your application by now?
    hi,,i haven't started my application yet.,maybe this month. How about you?
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    Quote from cyre128
    hi,,i haven't started my application yet.,maybe this month. How about you?
    Kababyans, you guys should know that NV has recently started to enforce the concurrency requirement, it's also the same thing going on in several other States.

    Here's the link, but read from the first page and the part concerning NV is on the Sept. 24 thread:

    You will see a recent PH student who was denied her ATT in the actual letter from the NV BON posted.

    If not the concurrency then some are having to re-take their PA classes (please read the other links in the International forum, under "Nurse Registration" by jinxedmink).
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    thank you for your reply steppybay
    maybe I'll just give it try.

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