Any hope for RN jobs near Las Vegas?

  1. I have lived in Indiana all of my life. I have vacationed in Las Vegas 4 times in the past 2 years, and I am in love with the area. I love the heat, the palm trees, and the sunshine! I despise the Indiana gloomy days, short summers, and long, cold winters. I am 48 years old and I feel that time is quickly slipping away. I began my career as a CNA for 6 years, LPN for 17 years, and I have been a RN for the past 2 1/2 years. My experience has been primarily in LTC, but always within the higher acuity and skilled patients. I have extensive experience with IVs/PICC/TPN, traches, vents, feeding tubes, wound care. I also have been MDS coordinator with careplanning and supervisory experience. It is my strong desire to work with critically ill patients, in a clinical setting. My stong desire to work with complex patients was my motivation to get my RN. I have been rejected by every hospital in my area (rural), and if I have to make a move to a larger metro area, I prefer to move to a warmer climate.

    Am I too old or inexperienced to obtain a position in an acute care setting? I am a hard worker & never call in (knocking on wood). I prefer to work 12 hour shifts & I also like weekends. Is there any hope for a career for me in this area? Any and all comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   shaggy77
    Wow! I cannot believe no one has left a comment. This is a great topic. So I'll be the first...Honestly, I don't have anything of value to offer as a direct answer to your inquiry, just my own humble opinion. The job situation, even for experienced RNs, is tough everywhere. I'm graduating in May with my RN here in Florida...and honestly, I feel like I just wasted three years of my life. I don't know if or when someone will hire me. You mentioned you like warm climates, I wouldn't bother with Florida. Nursing jobs are scarce, and there's more nurses than Carl has liver pills, grads and vets alike. Plus, being Florida-born and raised, I'm allowed to say it truly sucks here on numerous levels. I've been to NV too, and Las Vegas has its issues as well. Every place does really, but you have to follow your dreams and don't let anything stop you. 48 is not old! You have many years left in you to explore, travel and make discoveries. I'm a novice nurse, but it sounds to me like you have plenty of valuable experience and skills to offer. Have you considered travel nursing? If you're not tied down, agency/travel nursing might be a great way for you to try out different areas first, to see if you really want to uproot and stay there. I know the southwest and Vegas use travelling nurses often. Don't forget places like Oklahoma and the southwest have more days of sunshine than gloom. Oklahoma has all four seasons as well. Good luck to you! Change is good for the soul.
  4. by   montecarlo64
    Thank you Shaggy for your comment and the pep talk! Florida is actually another state I have considered, but I have heard there is also an overabundance of nurses there. I thought maybe the Tampa area might be better, since a lot of folks retire or winter there. You have not wasted your time on your education. Especially if you are young, you have lots of time on your side & I am sure in the long haul, things will turn around for nurses. I hope, by now, you have found a good job
  5. by   phoenix-
    Hi. I'm in the process of moving from Vegas to FL. If you really want to come here, I say get a license and start applying. LTAC Hospitals like Horizon and Kindred would be good places to get some acute care experience. You might even try applying for their ICUs. In addition there are many STACs here in Vegas that you might try applying to. The job market is iffy, and STACS are harder to get into without starting at MedSurg, but with more than two years of experience, you have an advantage. Just follow the common sense rules: research, don't quit or move, without locking down a job, and keep in mind that Vegas changes its face as you turn from tourist to local. Then again that applies to all new places, so if you're like me and consider yourself to be adequately prepared to start somewhere new, I say just go for it. Good luck!