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I was inspired by the looonngggg "you know you're a nurse if..." thread on the Nursing Humor forum, and thought we could do one based on our specialty. Here's a few I came up with and please feel free to add on! You know... Read More

  1. 3've ever told anyone who's behavior was annoying you to "Stop being so frontal" wake your kids up in the morning with a sternal rub
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    I love this!
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    Trying to keep a Sundowners patient from pulling all their clothes off or falling out of the bed, dodge punches, and still continue to smile and be nice when they say "what rock did you crawl out from under" and "you're stupid". Ah, the wonders of Geodon !!!
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    The 911 operators know you by name, from patients calling to say they're being held captive.
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    You've ever had CERTAIN bodily fluids from you male patient (and I ain't talkin' bout pee) flung in your hair, onto your scurbs, etc.
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    You can tell when a neuro patient is going to puke just by the look in their eyes.

    When your neuro patient twitches or shakes at all and you do a neuro check and then watch them like a hawk to make sure its not a seizure.
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    You are making bets with the docs about what the opening ICP will be or making bets about what the SBP will be with the new art line established especially when it squirts across the room and we think its cool.

    CT staff calls us anal...dont mess with our lines, EVD, art lines, ETTs....we will do it and we will take the time to get it right
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    You refer to motorcycles as donor cycles.

    You can place a nasogastric tube almost as fast as they can pull them out.

    Ditto for tracheostomys.

    You realise that staying failthful to your partner can save your life (hey I've only seen 1 intracoital ICH with their leagally recognised partner)

    You know people with a negative teeth to tatoo ratio are indestructable......

    You describe both chronological age and ct brain age appearance. (eg 35 year old male, PFO with a 80 year old brain)
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    Quote from poppy07
    that's so interesting. I've had quite a number of neuro patients recently, and I'll admit they do have a distinct odor. Last week, I cared for a pt with Locked-in sad, anyway, I gave her a bath and just tried to make her comfortable all day. She still had the odor after the bath. What's that all about?

    I think its a combination of the dry mouth, reduced saliva production and the O sign or mouth kept partially open due to either tubes or decreased GCS. That and most of the traumas I've seen have had pretty bad teeth..
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    You know people with a negative teeth to tatoo ratio are indestructable......

    LOL this cracked me up!

    You go home singing what ever your last frontal patients song was....mine: 101 drag queens, 101 ducks!

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