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Things to know on first day?

  1. 1 So, I am starting my first day this week in a big Neuro ICU and I was wondering if anyone could tell me something they wished they had known on their first day. Or, for those of you on here that are preceptors, what would you like your orientee to know coming in? Thanks for all the responses!
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    Ask questions about anything and everything. If you have a nurse willing to teach, you can learn a lot... fast.
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    What's your background experience? I was a cardiac Tele nurse before starting nicu and the biggest thing for me was the terminology and common devices. know what a crani(otomy) is , subarachnoid hemorrhage ( SAH), types of icp monitoring devices , and of course pressors.

    It also wouldn't be a bad idea to go over your Neuro assessment and start to familiarize yourself with it because you'll do a lot of them and patients change on the drop of a dime
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    Thank you for your reply! I actually came from the same background, a CV telemetry unit. I am trying to study up on my terms, and anatomy. What was one thing you would recommend, if you can think back? Thank you again!
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    The ventricular system, csf, arteries. I agree, a good Neuro exam.
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    bathroom, coffee pot, crash cart and procedure equipment... in that order.