Preparing for my new Neuro ICU position- Please Help! Preparing for my new Neuro ICU position- Please Help! | allnurses

Preparing for my new Neuro ICU position- Please Help!

  1. 0 I'm starting a position as a New Grad in my dream job- the Neuro ICU.
    I have been looking up commonly used meds & many other procedures & such done in the Neuro ICU, and purchased this to study from before & during my preceptorship & employment:
    I felt like I was back in my first year of college, all giddy as I bought my new "work" supplies- including 3 sets of spiral bound note cards. I want to use these to have quick little facts available as I work, but I'm wondering how I should organize these. I was thinking one set could be commonly used medications, another common procedures and treatments, maybe the third neurological pathophysiology...
    Just wanted to get your opinions as to how I should organize these three sets as well as any other things I should focus on before I start this new, amazing opportunity of a job!!!
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    I had a little notebook when I first started that I wrote down what items to gather for certain bedside procedures (ie trach/peg/evd insertion/etc)
    The hospital I work at actually keeps a notebook in every room with a list of the different drips that we use along with high and low limits, affects on vital signs, and the like
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    Congratulations on your new position! I am interviewing for a Neuro ICU position this Thursday and am horrible at interviews. This is also my "dream" position and want to assure I get the position. Do you have any tips on interview questions or things I should know before going into the interview to help. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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    Hmm some I had included
    "What was a bad situation you were in, and how did you handle it?"
    "When did you make a mistake & how did you fix it?"
    "Why ICU/neuro?"
    "Why this facility?"
    Thats really all I can think of now, but good luck!!
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    wow neuro ICU as a new grad? holy crap...that seems pretty intense? how long is the training?
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    Yea I'm nervous!! But it's at a teaching hospital with a great reputation, so I'm confident in them, kinda nervous for me though! & 12 weeks
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    Best piece of advice I would give to you is "become a sponge" Soak up all the information you can. it'll all be greek but over time you'll get it! It took me 6 months to get the basics of neuro surg down. what with NIH scale, and the differences between a MCA, RCA, PCOMM and how they effect motor, sensory function and treatment plans such as clipping or coiling. talk about information overload! But as a new grad all they really want to know about you is are you smart enough to manage ICU patients and can you master time management skills. that's all their really assessing you for... understanding the pathophis and mechanisms for brain injury come later. the true learning part comes from the numerous patients you'll take care of over the life of your nursing career.

    P.S. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask questions!
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