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  1. Hey all!

    I work in an SICU in which we also do Neuro. My attending Critical Care Medicine physician would like to have nurses start presenting patients on rounds. Anyone have experience with this? If so what do you think? Is your presentation scripted (certain information covered)? What role does the resident play during rounds?

    Any input would be much appreciated!!!
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  3. by   SICUTOCRNA
    I work in SICU and we present in rounds. At first I was very nervous about it--but now it is really no big deal. We present the patient Mon-Fri to an interdisciplinary team--ie NP, residents, pharmacy, nutritionist, sometimes PT and about half the time the attending. We use a preprinted form that we read from which is part of the chart (so anything the nurse suggests--that is ignored is noted). I don't really mind it--it keeps everyone on the same page and the attendings seem to like it because we know our patients better than the residents. The residents are passive participants and do not present the patient. It seems to work well on our unit--but we are one of the few units in our hospital that have these types of rounds.
  4. by   MistyDawnRN06

    What facility do you work in?

    I'm at Shands UF in Florida and we're trying to launch nursing presentation on rounds.
  5. by   SICUTOCRNA
    Stony Brook University Hospital on Long Island--New York
  6. by   angel1966
    Hi MistyDawnRN06,
    This is the practice that we are doing in our Neuro ITU here in the UK. At first, it was really intimidated but as time goes on, it gets better. And I think this should be the practice that all ICU nurses should do. Beacuse, we nurses are the one with the patient most of the time and doctors/surgeons will only come to us if we need them. You just need confidence to talk infron of them especially if there are 5-8 surgeons in front of you. But you can tell them everything you want to tell about your patient and you dont need to make-up stories, as long as you knwo what you are talking about.

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