New Grad preparing for Neuro ICU

  1. Hey y'all,

    I just graduated with my BSN in December, have passed my boards, and am starting in a few weeks in the Neuro ICU in an Atlanta Hospital.

    I want to prepare as well as I can before I actually start on the unit. I've looked throughout other threads about what to expect but just have yet to find what I'm looking for. I realize that it is going to take time working to actually learn, but I just want to try and get somewhat of a head start since I have a few weeks to prepare!

    I've been googling ICU procedures, etc, and this is the list of what I have so far to review:

    Neuro Medications
    Neuro Anatomy
    Electrolyte Imbalances/Replacement
    ICP Monitoring
    EVDs, Caminos, lumbar drains, ICP monitors, VAMPs, Flotracks
    Mannitol, 3% Saline, steroids, paralytics, and Nimotop
    Glasgow Coma Scale

    Anything large in particular I'm leaving out? Does anyone have a suggestion of a book I can buy?

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   alaskalala
    VENTS. Majority of our patients are vented for part of, and in some cases, all of their stay with us.

    BP management is large, maybe largest. Sometimes that's all I'm doing for 12 hours, chasing BP. One guy is sky-high, and the other is bottoming out.

    So you want to be brushing up on that. Not just the meds, understand your a-line. If it's not leveled correctly, or there's too much or not enough resonance in the line, you're over- or under-treating them. And if you loose that line because you don't care for it properly, that is a big fat bummer for all concerned. Do you know what a square-wave test is? Do you know what a R.O.S.E. is? What can you do to raise or lower someones pressure while you wait for the next order, or the next drug to get to the bedside?

    Good luck!
  4. by   Nccity2002
    Hi alikate,

    It is very refreshing to see someone so enthusiastic
    The American Asociation of Neuroscience (AANN) provides a very comprehensive list of neurological procedures and standard of care. Please see link below:

    Good Luck
  5. by   jazy4ICU
    I will recommend the quick reference to Critical Care by Diepenbrock. The neuro section is great. That book will help you alot in your whole ICU career. The best of luck.
  6. by   kfnorton12
    Hi, I have recently started in the Neuro ICU at Duke and I am trying to review my neuro meds and I am trying to find a good reference to look up administration instructions and info about the meds my preceptor wants me know. Any thoughts on a good reference online for this information.
  7. by   SubSippi
    I'm wondering the same thing as the OP. I haven't graduated yet, but I just found out that I'm going to be precepting in a Neuro ICU. I was hoping someone could suggest common medications and diseases/conditions I should make myself familiar with before I go in, or anything else that comes up . I want to have as much of the basics down as I can so I can focus on learning more complicated things, that I can't learn in school, and don't spend valuable time trying to play catch-up!
  8. by   Eytbl
    I'm also a new grad but I currently work as a tech on a Neuro unit. I didn't get an offer on the unit but I can tell that you will c a lot of stroke patient, cva, spinal cord injury, post lumbar... I'm not sure about the meds because I did my preceptorship in a rehab .. Which was cool because all my patient from the Neuro got D/C to rehab and I was able to continue caring for them as a student nurse ...
    Well hope this info helps you... And good luck cause u will b dealing with a lot of psych patients ... Patients who have completely lost they mind... Not to scare u but b prepared!

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