New Grad Here- Do I want to work in a Nuero ICU? - page 2

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Of course I am the only one that can answer that question, but I'm looking for advice. I like the primary care feeling of ICUs and I shadowed a nurse in the medical ICU and another nurse in the nuero ICU. I liked both ICU's but... Read More

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    I am a new graduate nurse who will have my interview next week at a major hospital for the Neuro-ICU position. I just have some questions:

    1. Will it be very difficult for me to work as a new grad in the Neuro-ICU?
    2. What are the usual cases i will encounter daily?
    3. What is the essential skill i need to have in order to be a successful Neuro-ICU nurse?
    4. What's the most frustrating thing and the best thing about being a Neuro-ICU RN?
    5. What interview questions do they usually ask???
    6. What's the most stressful thing you've experienced in this unit??

    I am so anxious about my coming interview. Hope someone could help me. I really want to get the job.

    Thank you in advance and God Bless you all!!