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    Hi I have just taken on the moderation for this forum - I have spent a number of years (more than I like to admit to ) working and teaching in general Intensive Care units as well as working for some time in a dedicated Neurosurgical Intensive Care. I have a certificate in Neurosurgical Nursing.

    One of the things I like to set up for the forums is a thread listing online and general resources. I am starting this thread today. Please feel free to add any resources to the thread including any good readings and texts that you have come across.

    Organisations (nursing) (medical) (medical) (medical)

    Articles and Texts

    Informative Sites

    *** This site has Spanish translation ability***

    Centers and Providers

    This is a list of places offering this specialty. Inclusion of facilities here does not mean that we recommend these facilities they have been included merely as reference for those interested in doing neurosurgical nursing.
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    Spinal Injury Associations

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    Patient Assessment

    Intoduction to the GCS

    Ranchos Los Amigos Scale

    Patient/Family Support

    Neurology link with a couple of articles written in Portugese - always worthwhile having links to sites with other languages.
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    Source for Spinal injuries and Assessment
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    Another site discussing these disorders
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    This site has some very nice CT pictures and x-rays along with explanations so is worth a look

    This site has some pretty gruesome real-life pictures of brain injuries but is well worth visiting - just do it before you eat

    CT library

    Tutorial on reading CT's

    another radiology site
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    radio discsussion with Christian Barnard on Brain Death

    Here is an international resources

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    Our facility (OR) is looking at changing from stealth to brainlab for our guided imagery. Do you know any sites or info on the comparison of the two?
    Thanks for the listings of the other sites!
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    Gwenith, thank you so much for taking the time to compile these resources! I'm about to begin putting together a presentation on brain injuries and their sequelae for my critical care class -- the listings you have provided are invaluable!

    Many thanks.
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    thanks everyone for putting all these sites together. I just started working on a neuro floor and need all the resources I can find. Orientation was good, but I want more.

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