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  1. I have an interview in a week for the neuro ICU, I started thinking the other day about what I need to do to make them want to hire me. I graduate in May and in my nursing school we did not have a critical care rotation. I was lucky enough to be able to go into the NICU and PICU a couple of different times, but not actually spend the entire day there. How do I get the managers to realize that I may lack the experience, but I am more than willing to work hard and gain the experience needed through my orientation? Any advice for my interview?? Thanks
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  3. by   love-d-OR
    Congratulations on approaching graduation!

    I graduate in June, and I interviewed and got offered a job in neuro/trauma ICU. You say you did not have an ICU rotation, but you dont say if you have worked as a CNA or student tech, do you?

    Managers in the ICU will usually go for students that did their preceptorship in ICU or worked as a tech. If neithet of these apply, do not panic! Show the manager you are eager to learn by being assertive and asking questions smart questions during the interview, research the unit and the hospital, get good LOR's, hope your grades are great...

    Let me know if you need a sample of questions asked
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    My nursing school at one point in time had a critical care rotation, but the hospital that it was at also had their own nursing school, and their students come first. I have not worked as a CNA or tech. I have done volunteer work in high school and worked as a pharmacy tech at a hospital. The unit that I applied for is actually a unit that my mother's friend works on and she talked to her boss and then they contacted me for an interview.
    If you have samples of questions that would be great. I have read everything possible about the hospital and the unit. I also have been all over the forums on this website preparing for my interview. So any advice would be great! Thank you very much! and Congrats to you on graduation and the job!! that's awesome!
  5. by   love-d-OR
    1.Why did you choose nursing
    2. Have you worked as a tech
    3. Did you do an ICU rotation, or senior preceptorship in an ICU
    4. Why did you choose neuro ICU
    5. In your opinion what is the most essential skill a neuro ICU nurse should possess
    6. What do you think will be the hardest transition from student to new grad

    Seems like you are well connected... I will not worry too much and instead let your personality and eagerness show. You may even tell her you were on allnurses. com getting pointers! I had gone to the charge nurse to get pointers, and during my interview I told the manager. Her eyes lit up! She said she was glad I had done my homework... Good luck.

    Oh I accpted transplant/surgical ICU instead of the neuro ICU. It was a tough choice...
  6. by   lms2
    Thank you so very much!
  7. by   lms2
    I had my interview last Friday, and they called yesterday and offered me a position. Thanks for all of your help!!
  8. by   love-d-OR
    Yay!! Glad to hear you got the job... Now onto finishing up our last months and the NCLEX!! Good luck
  9. by   RN28MD
    lms2.. I know you had your interview a while back but what types of questions were you asked? If you don't mind me asking
  10. by   paolountalan26

    I am a new graduate nurse who will have my interview next week at a major hospital for the Neuro-ICU position. I just have some questions:

    1. Will it be very difficult for me to work as a new grad in the Neuro-ICU?
    2. What are the usual cases i will encounter daily?
    3. What is the essential skill i need to have in order to be a successful Neuro-ICU nurse?
    4. What's the most frustrating thing and the best thing about being a Neuro-ICU RN?
    5. What interview questions do they usually ask???
    6. What's the most stressful thing you've experienced in this unit??

    I am so anxious about my coming interview. Hope someone could help me. I really want to get the job.

    Thank you in advance and God Bless you all!!


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