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Member Recommended Reading for Neurosurgical/Neurological Nursing

  1. 1 i have taken the inspiration for this from the neonatal icu forum. i thought that we might like to exchange booklists and recommended articles.

    please add to this thread - this is about sharing information on what we have found helpful to learn and understand this fascinating discipline.

    my stand-by neuro books are:-

    the clinical practice of neurological and neurosurgical nursing
    hickey j.

    neurology and neurosurgery illustrated
    lindsay k. bone i and callander r. (churchhill livingstone)

    i always enjoyed reading

    jamieson's first notebook of head injuries
    jamieson k

    if you can get your hands on this one it is a hoot!! the author sprinkled the text with funny little limericks as memonics - one of the better books now sadly out of print but one of those where much of the information is timeless.
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    Hickey was going to be my choice so I guess we can give it a second vote!
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    thanks guys
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    Y'all ever read any Oliver Sacks? I'm working on The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.
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    May I suggest Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology? Excellent neuroanatomy and physiology on the first part.
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    Hi! I'll be interviewing for a new grad training program in a neurosurgery department very soon. I'd welcome any feedback regarding how you got into the field, what you like most about it, what you like least, what advice you would give a new grad, what situations do you usually encounter, would this be a good place to start a career, etc.

    Thank you in advance for your replies!
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    Any other books to recommend to a nurse new to neuro?
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    Thanks! I was just going to ask about this.

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