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    Does anyone have any recs on websites for the licox Pbto2 monitor? I've googled it and am having trouble finding anything useful. Anyone have any feed back on these likes, dislikes and why. Do you think it actually helps improve pt outcome. Where is the best placement for the catheter. Near injury or opposite of injury with rationale.

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    Our facility had a trial with the licox. Unfortunately I never go to experence. From what I remember it testing pO2 and temp which in our facility we tested its use for vasospasm. Suppoisidly it can tell vasospasm before the neuro exam shows vasospasm. I remember their being a card where you have to calibrate the machine with a certain (microchip card) that goes with a particular catheter. The only issue I remember hearing was that the tubing would get blood in them clot making them useless.
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    We use them from time to time. Usually with camino bolt in place. We use them few and far between. This detects brain oxygenation. We would treat based on brain oxygenation. If less than 25 we would adjust vent settings. I don't remember use with vasospasams. Here is a link to the integra site. Hope this helps explain a little better.
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    our facility mostly uses them for the oxygenation readings (I also don't remeber anything about spasms)

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