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Would like to hear your thoughts. When do you turn off the clamp closest to the patient? Turns and position changes? To CT? Never unless the surgeon says so? Thanks in advance!... Read More

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    If you leave it open to the patient while dumping the cylinder to the bag....it can be a problem. That is what our neuro team felt.

    When draining it is open to the patient and cylinder closed to the collection bag. When emptying the cylinder you close it to the patient and open it to the drainage bag.

    When you are done you close it to the collection bag and open it up to patent/drain/monitor.
    Interesting. I checked our protocol and asked around and it definitely isn't the practice at our unit. I guess it is one of those things that depends on the neurosurgeon.
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    In my unit, we close it when turning or bathing the pt, when we go on trips (CT, MRI, etc), and when we have an order to close it usually followed by a CT the following morning to see if the EVD can be pulled. We also clamp it hourly to measure ICP. We do not clamp it when emptying the chamber.
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    We also clamp whenever suctioning a patient.

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