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A CT not necessary?

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    I'm not a neuro nurse by any means, tele here but I have a question. My grandmother who is 91 fell in her bathtub yesterday and was taken to the doctor. He apparently examed her and then sent her home. No CT scan.
    Here's the thing: She's on chronic Coumadin therapy for afib (she's off now for high INR!!) and she has a huge bump, bruise on her head. Neurologically there's no focal deficits and the doc obviously didn't seem concerned, but come on no CT scan? You can better believe I'll be watching her for neuro signs.
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    If it's a slow bleed, it may not show up right away. How long has she been off of her Coumadin?
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    I think she just started her four day period off of it the day she fell. I just can't believe that a doc wouldn't order a CT in her case. Maybe they're more judicious in ordering such a test??
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    Sorry that your grandmother fell. We at All Nurses can't speculate on the why of her medical care. I would discuss this with her MD. Take care.

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