What are the best wound care resources available in Nebraska

  1. I'm an RN in Louisiana; I have a friend in rural Nebraska with a foot/ankle infected wound since January. Shes not diabetic nor have bad circulation, no cultures done but bone scan done this week shows potential osteomylitis. Her doctor says she may loose her foot and has FINALLY referred her to an orthopedic doc, (first appointment is late next week). I would like to find out what kind of wound care resources are available in her area so she may save her foot if its possible!! Wondering if there any infectious disease and/or, wound care specialists or hyperbaric treatment available around Kearny Nebraska. She works for VA so has fairly good insurance and is willing to go wherever the best wound care is available to try to save her foot!
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  3. by   xtxrn
    Enter "wound care Nebraska" on a regular search engine... a LOT comes up..... We can not give medical advice on this site
  4. by   LisaCarroll
    Not looking for medical advice, but someone is bound to know if there are any local wound care resources in her area. (ie hyperbaric chamber) Since I am so far away, I have no idea whats "local" and whats "across the state" ("but it was only an inch away on the map...")
  5. by   xtxrn
    You might have better luck posting in the state section under Nebraska- if you go to the site map, it will guide you there This forum has people from literally all over the world posting, so not that narrowed down - just an idea. I hope things turn out for your friend. You might also type in "wound care, Kearny NB" and see what comes up- when I did the earlier one, a ton of links popped up.
  6. by   metroishka
    The Nebraska Med Center in Omaha is excellent in all areas. Also one of the hospitals in Lincoln (St Elizabeths) is a burn care center, so I would expect that they have decent wound care clinics also. Lincoln is much closer to Kearney than Omaha.

    I am in Nebraska, BTW, and do not work for either the Med Center or St Elizabeths, but I have heard great things about both of them. I, too, would probably want myself or my friend to be seen in a larger, metropolitan health care facility. Rural facilites are wonderful, but lack the expertise, experience and equipment for some diagnoses.

    Best wishes for your friend
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  7. by   Jolie
    Kearney has a fairly large and well-regarded hospital, Good Samaritan. That would at least be a starting point for a referral.

    Good luck!
  8. by   RNASHLEY
    I would tell her to look into St Elizabeth Med Center in Lincoln. They have a large assortment of physicians that are well known in Orthopaedics and infectious disease. Definitely a starting point
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    Posting in state specific forum gets best answers..Moved to Nebraska forum.
    Thanks for all who shared info.
  10. by   dialysisrnCJD
    There is an absolutely AMAZING wound care nurse at Box Butte General Hospital in Alliance, NE.

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