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UNLV Spring 2012 admission

  1. 0 Hello, I have a friend who applied to the UNLV nursing program for Spring 2012. They were told they would hear something by Nov 15th. Has anyone else heard if they've been accepted yet? If so, what was your composite score. My friend has a total of 89 points and is currently missing one course that they are enrolled in now. Thanks everyone.
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    Revision friend has a score of 98.
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    Hi, I also applied to the BSN spring 2012...I haven't heard from them yet. I give it until friday (tomorrow) for them to call...if not then that probably means we didn't get it. Let me know if your friend got the call and got in! Good luck to your friend! Hopefully i get in too!
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    If you don't mind me asking, what was your total score as well?
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    My total score was about 85.7. 98 points is definitely a guarantee into the bsn. Since the total points is out of 100.7 or something like that...Did your friend calculate the total score correctly? The average score of the hesi isn't included in the calculation (which gives a higher total score)..has your friend heard from the nursing school yet?
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    do you have a 85.7 with all your prereqs completed? i want to apply for summer 2012 but i feel as if i should retake a class such as chem 110 so that i can have a total of 87
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    Moved to NV Nursing Programs forum.
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    Did you apply for the spring 2012 too? Yea I completed all my prereqs. But since i haven't heard from the bsn program yet, i'm guessing i didn't get in for spring. I'm probably gonna retake chem 111 since i got a C+...but that'll only raise my points by like 1 or 2 points? but better than nothing i guess. I feel like it's impossible to get into this program... =(...what's your total points?
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    well i am currently retaking Chem 111 at CSN. I will have a 85.6. If i retake chem 110 over winter session in california (where i am from) i will have an 87.83. It seems as if it is soo much work and hassle. I am going to call tomorrow to ask what the cut off points were for the past two semesters.
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    ooo i see...yea everything is so much work just to try and make it to the top 48. Do you think you can let me know what the cut off points were for the past 2 semesters if you do call? thanks.
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    Still no word. My friend made a 96.3% on the hesi which really bumped up the points. There is 112 points you can get I believe.
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    My rejection letter came....i didn't get in. If you haven't heard from them..check your mail...
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    Apply again for summer term. I graduated UNLV SON Summer 2010 (entered summer 09), and they always have the least amount of students applying. I don't know how many students apply these days or how that HESI test is, but a lot my friends and I got in the first time. Don't give up!