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Hello, I have a friend who applied to the UNLV nursing program for Spring 2012. They were told they would hear something by Nov 15th. Has anyone else heard if they've been accepted yet? If so, what... Read More

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    The cut off point was at about 86 points!
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    meanwhile i took a month long CNA course so that i may work in a hospital while waiting for the summer. it is a great way to gain experience! and once you graduate from nursing school it will be easier for you to find a job!
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    That's a good way to go! Most hospitals will hire new grads that have experience in a hospital setting. I am currently in a new grad program with the VA and most of the new grads, like myself, worked at other hospitals (I worked as an RN at one of the major hospitals in town in their new grad program before I switched). Most of the CNAs i've worked with at my previous employer were all going to nursing schools around the valley. Get your experience, and hopefully you'll get in for summer.
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    Hello Friends, I live in Cali and I'm planning to apply UNLV and I have no idea what to do . I currently have 63 units and I'm taking physiology right now. In spring 2012 I'm going to take Microbiology and Organic Chemistry. I'm planning to apply UNLV in jan so what's the next step ??? Here in cali we have to take TEAS test, what about nevada? How much is the tuition for nursing program ?
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    Well you should apply to the school and be accepted as a Pre Nursing Major. They still require you to take Nurs 299 at UNLV (unless you can take it somewhere else and the course is equivalent) and a couple of other pre requisites. If I were you, I would apply as soon as possible and speak with an advisor they assign to you.
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    Thank you so much !!!
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    Did anyone apply for Summer 2012??
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    I applied to summer 2012. I got the call yesterday so i'm in! =) Super excited! Did you apply?
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    i havent receive a call back . did they tell you what the cut off point score was? what was yours if you dont mind me asking
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    sorry to reply back so late...no they didn't tell me the cut off points. My friend actually called the nursing advising center and asked what the cut off was for the summer semester and and they said they don't know. But said that alot of people were close to the cut off by 1/100th of a point or something like that. I have my contract signing session on the 23rd and if I find out the cut off i'll let you know. My points if i calculated correctly was about 86 points. What is your points?