Southeast Community College anyone???

  1. I am a student at SCC lincoln currently scheduled to start the LPN program in October this year, just wondering if anyone else on here is/was a former LPN student and what your thoughts are on the program??
    I know my ultimate goal is to become a Physician Assistant or a Nurse practitioner, that is a ways down the road though... Decisions....
    I am a CNA and work for Bryan LGH and a medical spa as a medical esthetician, I have 8 years of patient care experience and want to branch out from medical esthetics to nursing and thought this is my first step to see if nursing is the way to go for me.
    All the girls I work with at the med spa are NP's or PA's...
    The PA's tell me just to skip nursing all together and goto PA school and the NP's tell me to bridge myself into nursing as I am because its alot to learn..
    Just wondering who else is around here in a similar situation??
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  3. by   Karla.S
    I know this isn't really answering your question...but are you doing the program at SCC now?

    Also, I was wondering how you went about getting your CNA..if it was through SCC or somewhere else..

    I'm an SCC student and have been looking on how to get my CNA and could not find any info through SCC at all!! Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places..
  4. by   KamikazeKat13
    I don't know what county you live in, but they offer a free CNA class in York. You can get it through the Hearthstone. It takes about 3 weeks.