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I am curious if anyone knows anything about the accelerated program at NMC. It is one of the only ones around that I can find who will accept you with an associates degree. How competitive is it to get into? How tough is the... Read More

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    PrincessO ....maybe we can do it over the phone....i talked to this lady beth who works with admissions and she said there is a math test and a computer test? so im assuming you need to be there in person. it was also to my understanding that it was a face to face.....however a telephone interview works wonders for me since i can save the money from the plane ticket.....have you applied yet? or had your interview yet?

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    Maybe if you live in another state, the interview will be over the phone. I would ask Beth about that if I were you. The interviewer was basically telling you about the program, letting you know how intense it is and finding out if you have a plan to succeed. They will suggest not working, ask you about your financial plan, and support system.

    The math test is nothing you should have to study for. It was basic high school math: algebra, geometry, etc. If you don't do well on a particular section they make you do remedial studying and retest on that portion.

    Throughout the program, you will have math tests to pass each semester. Nursing calculations (don't worry about that now; they will teach you how to do it). If you don't pass after 2 tries, you get kicked out of the program. If you don't make at least 75% on your major nursing exams, you will get kicked out of the program. It's not a hard program, just study and learn how to priorize. I worked during the program and still graduated with honors!

    Good luck with everything.
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    I am so glad I found this thread. I am looking to apply for the Jan 11 accelerated program at Methodist but I have a husband in the military that deploys and a one year old son. Can you tell me what your typical day hours are in the program? I was told 8am to 7pm most weekdays and an occasional weekend or weeknight. This is concerning to be since my son's daycare is only open until 6 during the week. Thanks for the insight!
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    I graduated from the ACE program in 2007. I didn't have evening classes but you do have to pre-lab (go to the hospital and get information about your assigned patient) the evening before clinical but you do not have to go at an assigned time. What time does his daycare open? You have to be at clinical early in the morning - I think we had to be ready to start at 7am but you have to allow time to park, etc.

    With your husband deployed, you will want to arrange for some backup help. Inevitably, children get sick when you have clincial or a test. Not having a plan will make it very stressful. Do you have friends or family that would be willing to step in and help you? If you can arrange for backup, you should be fine.

    Feel free to PM me if you would like.
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    Thanks @anurseatlast! My son's daycare opens at 6 or 6:30am so hopefully that is early enough to get to clinicals by 7. We do have a great military family that would be willing to step in if needed while my husband deploys. I am just trying to find the program that will best fit within a day schedule to avoid having to get someone on a regular basis. I am also looking at UNMC and Creighton whose recuiting contacts both say that they try to fit everything within normal working hours, however, the contact at Methodist said that the typical schedule is 8am-7p, which I was a little concerned with. It is possible she is over estimating to allow for certain situations. I am interested in Methodist because I like that the program is completed in 15 months rather than 12 like the other local schools, so I was a little puzzled at why the hours were longer. Anyone else been in the ACE program recently? Was your typical daily schedule 8-7p?
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    I got accepted to the ACE program at NMC Jan 2011...anyone else going there or currently attending?!

    Actually, for the interview, they just had me fill out a list of "consultation" questions and email it to them. I didn't have to take any tests? or go to a formal interview.
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    hi hellokitty123! about to urn in the last for my application (due aug1st) what was your GPA and how strong were your essays? trying to get a feel for my chances! also how long did it take to hear back/when did you apply? please fill me in! i HOPE so much that i get in!!! thanks!
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    Hey Everyone, I was also accepted into the ACE Program for Jan 2011 ! Woohoo !
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    Quote from knwgolf
    hi hellokitty123! about to urn in the last for my application (due aug1st) what was your GPA and how strong were your essays? trying to get a feel for my chances! also how long did it take to hear back/when did you apply? please fill me in! i HOPE so much that i get in!!! thanks!
    I turned in my app end of May...heard back finally beginning of July. My GPA was low, just under 3.0 but I believe my essays were pretty good. I'm glad I got in.....let me know how it goes, good luck to you!!
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    so it looks like it takes about a month to hear back....i have completed my application and now need to undergo the painful waiting be moving out from san francisco so i want to here back so i can start apt. hunting etc....that is if i get in....i have a 3.5 in pre reqs and a 3.3 gpa from my bachelors at uc berkeley so hopefully that will be good enough to get in.....i am just worried that there are not too many spots left for the fall deadline applicants!!! eeek! again congrats to the two of you who have already heard back! ill keep praying that in a few weeks i can write the same thing and then meet all of you this january!!! you know if NMC has a wait list? thanks

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