Iowa Western Community College vs. Metro Community College

  1. I'm having a great debate on the two community colleges and would like any input or suggestions for the two schools! I do not know much about their nursing programs besides what I have read on their websites! Is iowa western worth the drive from Omaha??

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    Alsooo If anyone has any info about UNMC BSN program that would also be great!
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  3. by   WalkieTalkie
    Well do you want to go on to get a master's, doctorate, or be in management? If so, I would recommend a BSN program. Clarkson, Methodist, and UNMC are all good options. I have not heard anything good about the program at College of Saint Mary.

    As far as ADN programs go, I have heard good things about both Metro and Iowa Western's programs. I've had friends from both programs. I guess it just depends on what your overall goals are for the future. The programs at Metro and Iowa Western will allow you to obtain your LPN first, so you can start making a bit more money than if you just had your CNA license.
  4. by   j_audrey
    I am having the same debate... I am currently doing my prereqs at Metro for the ASN program there. It is quite a bit cheaper at Metro (about $50 at Metro vs. $120 at IWCC per credit hour) I think the Metro program better prepares you for moving on to a BSN, but the prereqs at IWCC are much, much less (this is where my problem lies) I could apply for fall at IWCC, but have a couple more quarters worth of work at Metro. Metro requires Chem, Comp II and a few others that are not required at IWCC. I know Metro credits transfer to UNMC, not sure at all about IWCC.
    A word to the wise about Clarkson, they do not do well if you need to transfer out to another program, I would avoid it and try for UNMC if at all possible. UNMC also offers a RN-MSN where you can complete your BSN and MSN at the same time. Very difficult to get into, but again, worth it.
    The drive is not bad at all... Don't let that discourage you.
    I'm going to apply to both LPN programs and go where they get me in first.
  5. by   lizl123
    I am having the same dilemma and was hoping that this thread would give me an answer. I am doing my prereqs at Metro also, but just attended IWCC nursing info night this evening. As far as the tuition they are about the same. Remember, IWCC is on a semester basis and Metro is on a quarter basis. I calculated IWCC to be around $6800 for the RN program and I think Metro is similar.
  6. by   j_audrey
    You were there? I was too... asked the question about the prereq for A&P, which I still am not sure I have an answer for.
    Agreed about the tuition, although prereqs are cheaper and faster at Metro... I think I am still going to go to IWCC for at least the LPN starting in January.
    Did you get a clear picture on the waitlist? I hate to put all my eggs in one basket for IWCC and wish I had applied at Metro as well.
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  7. by   lizl123
    Yes I was there too. I think you were sitting behind me as I remember your question. What I was told about that prereq Human Biology was that was only needed at IWCC. So, if you take your H & P at Metro, you don't have to worry about it. I am taking my prereqs at Metro too at the Elkhorn campus. I wish I was ready for the January session, but I am going to get all of those other RN prereqs out of the way too as it sounds like a pretty full schedule the way it is. Who did you have for H & P at Metro and did you like the teacher? Doesn't sound like there is a wait list at all and the sooner you get your complete app in with all of your stuff done, the sooner you will get your admit letter. She said their fall session coming up wasn't full yet either so you should be okay with January if you have your stuff done soon.
  8. by   j_audrey
    I have not taken A&P yet, I have Intro to Biology this quarter, and A&P summer and fall. I have CPR on friday, and CNA in July/Aug.
    I looked at it this way... If I can get through the LPN program, I can take the majority of the RN general studies classes in the summer between semesters of the LPN at Metro, and also in the time between December and June before starting the RN. I already have a couple of them done at this point so that will work for me.
  9. by   lizl123
    Which campus are you at as I am taking Intro to Biology also? My only thoughts on the general ed classes is that I was told that you need most of them to help your score to get into the LPN program as most people will have them done. I think you might be able to get away with no having Microbiology and English, but I don't know. That is the only thing that makes me nervous about Metro is that if I concentrate on all of their prereqs and then don't get in, I now don't have the Iowa classes done to apply there. I so wish their classes were the same.
  10. by   j_audrey
    I am taking Bio at Bellevue West H.S, Metro offered it over there and it was super close to my office. It's hard to schedule class around work.
    I will have these done by October:
    Comp I, Human Growth and Anatomy (Developmental Psych), Interpersonal Communications (I will take public speaking later when I decide on the route for my BSN) A&P I and II, Workplace Empowerment (Human Relations @ Metro), Intro to Psych and Soc. My CNA and CPR classes fit in there too.
    Nutrition I will take in the summer between 1st semester and 2nd semester of LPN at Metro, and I will take microbiology between The December Grad date for LPN and the June start date for the RN program. I think I am just this side of crazy.

    (edited to add: I take most of my classes at Elkhorn... so close to home. Do you have your CNA yet?)
  11. by   lizl123
    Wow, that is alot of classes. How many are you taking at once? I just finished my CNA and Human Growth & Development. Are you taking the CNA at Metro? So, are you trying to cover all the classes to apply at IWCC & Metro? I am having a hard time deciding which ones to take first as I don't think I can get both sets of prereqs done. Today was my first day of signing up on here so I have to figure out the friends thing too. I am taking A & P in fall and winter, how about you?
  12. by   j_audrey
    I have been taking two at a time, but I am going to try to take three this fall. I have A&P set up for Summer and Fall Quarters, Winter quarter will run over the start date for IWCC, so I am not sure how I will handle it. I will be short Comp II, Chemistry and Intermediate Algebra for Metro's program at this point, but if I don't make the January start date for LPN at IWCC, I can finish those relatively quickly.
    If you think you can finish up the ones you need for IWCC for January, I would do that... :wink2: Then you always have the option to finish up the rest to get into the Metro program if needed.
    My only fear is the clinicals... I work for a competing Hospital to the Alegent system, and I really like it there. I will feel like I'm cheating! LOL
    I am taking my CNA at Metro. 5 weekends in July and August, two 12 hour clinicals. I am freaked out by that. Did you do it at Metro? If so, how was it? What did you need as far as uniforms and such? I can't get anyone to answer me at Metro, and I like to be prepared! ( I like this little guy, lol, he sums up my feelings well once in awhile!)
  13. by   lizl123
    Wondering if this comes through as a personal message or on the forum.
  14. by   lizl123
    Okay I guess I can't send a PM until I have 15 or more posts. I won't be able to get all of the general ed classes done by January so I am waiting until the fall one. I didn't want to be overwhelmed in their program since it sounds pretty intense, so figured I better get those general ed ones done first before I apply. I am still back and forth between the two courses, but will apply to both if I can get all of the classes done or pretty much done. I would have Microbiology to do in spring of 2010 and one/two others. You will need white scrubs for the clinicals at Metro but that is not until your last week and they will give you all the info when that times comes. You just need a watch with a third hand by the 2nd day of class or so just in case you start practicing your skills. I wouldn't worry about the hospital thing as you are only going to nursing school and not really competing against your hospital. You don't really have any control where they go. The class part of the CNA was fine, but the clinicals was pretty stressful. I think it just depends on your instructor and how fast she pushes you to be on your own. I thought ours pushed too quickly and our patients were fully dependent. I got an A in the class though so I survived.