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Hello Nebraska Nurses! I have just been accepted into Creighton University's accelerated BSN program and I currently live outside of Seattle in Washington State. I was hoping I could get some insight into the nursing job... Read More

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    Hi! I just got accepted to the Accelerated Nursing Program starting in Spring 2012! I CAN'T WAIT! I just graduated in May and am going for my second degree. Right now I am very eager to get my books and start preparing for class. Does anyone have any advice on preparing for the upcoming school year? I understand that it is extremely rigorous and I'd like to be as ready as I can be Also, does anyone have advice on where to find an apartment? I would prefer to find a nice studio or 1 bedroom in a SAFE area. However, I do not know anything about Omaha so I need assistance finding a quality place in a safe area. Let me know if anyone can help!

    Thank you!!
    Congrats on getting accepted! Since you have a little while until you start, I would focus on reviewing A&P. The more you understand that, the easier it will be to understand pathophysiology which will make it easier to understand how medications work, what lab tests tell you, writing care plans, etc.... You don't have to review with a text book, in fact, it might be better if you don't. If you go to any larger bookstore, they will probably have a section of nursing books. Look for books that appeal to your learning style. I like some called The Illustrated Guide to ------. For instance, they have one on fluid and electrolyte balance. It covers all the systems that are involved and, as the title suggests, they have great visuals that help me remember. (This particular one would be great but they have numerous ones you could use.) They are not anywhere as difficult to read as a text but give a lot of information in a more understandable manner.

    Another thing you could do would be working through a NCLEX review book.That seems strange when you haven't even started nursing school but many students have a lot of trouble figuring out nursing tests. They are not like what you have done before. Don't worry so much about what the right answer is (you can guess for fun but many you will not have any clue about now) but rather try to figure out what the question is really asking and then read the rationale in the answer section (it will tell you why B is the right answer which will tell you what the question was asking). You are just trying to learn how to read the questions, not how to answer at this point. Don't freak out if you don't understand it for a while - keep reading and you will start catching things in the questions. This will help a lot on your first few tests. Just realize that your questions will not be as hard as the NCLEX in the beginning - those are written for people who have FINISHED nursing school.

    As far as apartments are concerned, where you will want to live will depend on if you will have a car or will be using the bus. There are many areas around the school that are safe (most of Omaha is) and there are a lot of apartments so you shouldn't have any problems finding one. The campus is in the downtown area which has lots of things to do when you have free time too. If you want to PM me with some specifics, I would be happy to answer your questions. I hope you love Omaha as much as I do.
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