Has anyone taken Stats at MCC?

  1. Has anyone taken Stats through MCC? I'm planning on taking it this spring and was wondering how difficult the online version is, or if I should not take it online and do a regular class?...
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  3. by   anurseatlast
    I think it depends on the person which mode is better. I took it as an on-site class. Personally, I wished I had taken it online - I didn't really think class was helpful but I am not an auditory learner. The teacher went through stuff so fast, it really didn't help me understand. What helped the most was going to the math center for tutoring faithfully. I went a couple of times to find out which staff person I found most helpful. Then I would go there when he was on and do my homework. Without his help, I would never have gotten an A in the class. (Okay, I'm a little obsessive at times!) My advice, whichever way you go, is use the tutors.
  4. by   FutureCruzanRN
    I am currently taking it with ----- and he is amazing..
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  5. by   stevejer
    I have heard negative things about ------ that he's incredibly smart on the subject but incredibly difficult to learn from. I would recommend taking it in-class, but that's just my learning style. And remember: The people at the Math Center are there to help. I can't speak highly enough of the tutoring available. They really want you to succeed.
    Don't know if this is acceptable recommendation, but if you haven't, and you can, check out ratemyprofessors.com. It can help you avoid a bad teacher, which can really help or hurt you in a math class, IMHO.
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  6. by   FutureCruzanRN
    He isn't a bad professor. I got an A in the class ! woohoo.. most people got B's, but you definitely need to go to class every day. In the end, if you are in attendance daily he will give you extra credit cause he sees the effort you are putting in. No one can fail you but yourself.