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Hi there, I will be starting NS at Creighton in Jan 08 and was wondering if anyone else is out there in the same class? Also any input from past accelerated graduates would be a huge help.......getting a little... Read More

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    I'm in the program right now, and so far it is an amazing experience. I had a 3.4 overall GPA and about the same pre-req GPA. I've been told a lot of emphasis is placed on your admission essay as well. It does say on the website however, that a 3.0 is required. You may want to talk to the recruiting coordinator if you haven't already to see if exceptions can be made. Good luck on your applications! If you end up here, it will be a great experience for you!
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    Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for the reply! I'm glad you like the program. I was wondering, if you remember, how long it took Creighton to review your application and send you a response? Thanks again and Good luck!
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    It didn't take very long compared to other places. I had everything completed at the end of April and got my acceptance package at the very end of may (just about 5 weeks). It was so nice to hear back so soon when some schools make you wait 3-4 months!!
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    That's great to hear. I'm still waiting on this one school to let me know when I applied way back in October. Thanks again for letting me know!
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    I was just accepted to the accelerated program for my choice of either Jan 2012 in Omaha or August 2011 in Hastings. Has anyone started the Hastings program? Im having a hard time finding out any info on this satellite campus in Hastings but am interested in it because of the earlier start. Any info would be great!
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    From what I understand, Hastings is a much smaller campus/experience. I think they watch all lectures recorded from the main campus, and then have clinicals at the local hospital. I'd say it's a good experience if you are interested in rural health care, but I don't think you'd get the same expereince as being on the main CU campus. I'm at the main campus now, so I'm not entirely sure how accurate I am. One thing I do know that's nice is because the class size is so small (5-7 students versus 45) is you have a better clinical ratio. I'd email the recruiter for more info, she's very helpful and not pushy at all =)
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    I'd strongly recommend Omaha. Your choices of clinicals will be so much broader!
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